Must-Have Transition Jackets



By: Susanna Heller

Time seems to inch by as we wait impatiently for spring break to finally arrive. Each day gives us just a taste of what’s to come. Thermometers are slowly beginning to bid farewell to the zero degree mark. The seemingly permanent piles of snow are starting to melt, revealing deadened, buried grass. And, of course, that one person in your history lecture is making the bold decision to wear cut-offs despite it being 45 degrees out and semi-flurrying.

With blue skies and sunshine appearing more like reality than some cruel weather tease, you may be tempted to finally retire your beloved North Face jacket for the season. As hard as it is to get rid of the sole piece of apparel you have sported for nearly four months, there is nothing worse than dragging around a rain-soaked down jacket all day after a surprise downpour has caught you off-guard.

Making the transition from winter to spring fashion can be awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. It can get better. And with these new takes on classic transition jackets, it will.

Free People Embellished Classic Biker Jacket



A feminine twist on the classic biker jacket is a breath of fresh spring air. This look is taken to a new level with eye-catching details. The jacket is super versatile—casual enough to wear to class, but chic enough to wear even after you’ve downed a few shots of whiskey.











Every “90’s bitch” knows the value of a good denim jacket. However, she also knows how drab it can be. An embroidered jean jacket is the perfect transitional look, especially as the weather gets warmer. The pattern allows this jacket to stand out in a crowd, and adds a fresh, springy vibe to any outfit .





Neiman Marcus




I literally cannot get enough of tweed. The already refined look gains an unexpected edge from the leather trim. This look not only says, “I’m way too classy for you,” but also, “I guess I’m ready for spring, if you call 50 degree, semi-snow weather spring, that is.”










Recently named the snowiest city in America, Syracuse doesn’t see a day without some form of precipitation. ‘Cuse can resemble both the Arctic tundra and a rainforest within a single 20-minute period. That being said, a rain jacket is a wardrobe essential. This bright raincoat can be customized with a monogram, making it both functional and unique. Buying this one-of-a-kind jacket might also bring you some good karma, because in doing so you support independent artisans.



Nasty Gal





This surprisingly feminine vintage jacket can be adapted to nearly any style. The traditionally grunge piece can be worn with a number of looks, and compliments any outfit ranging from a preppy look to one that practically screams “I just woke up and I have class in five minutes.” The juxtaposition of suede with denim patches gives this jacket an utterly inimitable look.





With the end of a seemingly eternal winter supposedly in sight, it’s tempting to cast aside your long black winter coat in exchange for the universally popular Canada Goose winter coat. However, it’s hard to understand why anyone would possibly settle for average when jackets like these are at the disposal of anyone with Internet access and a working debit card.


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