Doctor on Demand


UNG By: Raf Stitt

You know when you’re really hungry, like stomach rumbling, craving a burger bigger than the size of your face hungry? But then there’s a huge ass line at Shake Shack that’s almost as painful to witness as Googling celebrities without eyebrows? Going to the doctor’s office is almost that annoying.

Dealing with the paperwork, the long waits, and all the other bullshit that comes with going to the doctor’s office makes it so that nobody wants to go. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were a way that you could get the help you need without having to go to these godforsaken places? Well, now there is. Thanks to apps like Doctor on Demand, you now have the ability to get aid from a doctor while leaving all the hassle at the office.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How does this futuristic-sounding app works?” It’s actually pretty simple. You basically go through the same process you would go through at the doctor’s office, except it all happens on the screen of your phone. First, you tell the app what your problem or question is. Then, you wait around for a little bit until you are connected with a physician and they’ll answer whatever questions you have. There’s a $40 fee every time you call the doc, which is slightly higher than the average copay for a doctor visit, but totally worth it because of the convenience.

Doctor on Demand deals with non-emergency medical issues, pediatric questions, and specialist referrals, and can even give you a short-term prescription. For the few of you who don’t own an iPhone, fear not—you can use Doctors on Demand on your laptop and iPad, and it’s available for Android users, too.

This app is perfect for people our age—young adults are known to put off doctor visits until we’re pretty much at the point of death. For most, this is probably the result of a sense of invincibility and a case of hardcore laziness.

Apps like Doctor on Demand allow someone to be lazy and not get deathly ill. So the next time you have a rash on your leg or you’re coughing uncontrollably, don’t just write it off and think it’ll go away in a couple of days. Get your phone out, download Doctor on Demand, and get yourself taken care of before you end up in a hospital for being a jackass.


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