Netflix and Chill: Holiday Edition

Photo by Adham Elsharkawy Anyone with a brain or access to Urban Dictionary knows that “Netflix and chill” is a not-so-subtle code for a booty call. This popular phrase implies that a movie or show plays in the background while two consenting parties get it on.

In the spirit of the holidays, get a little festive with BAE the next time you two “watch a movie." Here’s a list of the best Christmas classics to suit your Netflix and chilly needs.

When you want to leave your bedroom for once:

“The Night Before”

If you've used your cousin’s camp friend’s Netflix account for two years because you’re too cheap to pay for your own account, you’re probably not willing to spend money on movie tickets. However, if you happen to be a rich college student (or a unicorn) with more than $37 in your bank account, take your slam piece to the theater for a change of scenery. I haven’t seen this new holiday comedy yet, but it stars Seth Rogen and that’s usually promising.

When you want to be romantic:

“Love Actually”

“The Holiday”

“The 12 Dates of Christmas”

While I refuse to believe that oysters are an aphrodisiac, a sappy love story will definitely put someone in the mood. Put together romance and the holiday spirit and you've got yourself a guaranteed panty dropper. Uncork a classy bottle of Barefoot, light a few candles, and watch a love story unfold between two people who have something in common other than just sex.

When you’re only interested in one thing:

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”

“Frosty the Snowman”

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

If you've ever turned on ABC Family, then you've seen each of these flicks at least 87 times. It's fun to act excited when they're on, but in reality the 19th century graphics are painful to watch and the final season of Lost has a better storyline than all three combined. In other words, they were made for Netflix-ing and chilling. Put on one of these classics and commence dry humping the second someone says, "Merry Christmas."

When you can’t handle being sober:

“National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation”

“Bad Santa”

If it's your first go at spending time together outside the confines of a dingy frat basement, sobriety is obviously not an option. Playing a holiday movie drinking game is a great way to take the edge off without letting on that you might be an alcoholic. Take a sip every time Clark mentions his bonus and you'll be having drunk sex within half an hour.

When you actually want to watch the movie:


“Home Alone”

“The Santa Clause”

Self-explanatory. These are a few of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. If you disagree, you probably also hate puppies.