Obitchuary: SU Big East

By David Van Moffaert It was a match made in heaven: Syracuse and the Big East Conference. The tradition and mutual passion for basketball made the two almost inseparable. But after a 32- year marriage, the Orange is divorcing the Big East for a wealthier partner that has an infinity for football: the ACC.

Syracuse leaves behind bloodbaths with Georgetown that once ruled the hardwood. Thrilling games against UConn at the Garden will become mere memories. Goodbye Villanova, with which our rivalry created a record breaking attendance and an electric atmosphere this city rarely sees.

But hello and welcome to the ACC,

where all come to rake in the Benjamins, baby, and boost their football programs. It can't be that bad, right?

Instead of competing against the Keystone Lights of college football— Rutgers, South Florida, and Cincinnati— SU can now kick back and enjoy Stella Artois each week, playing the likes of Florida State, Miami, and Virginia Tech.

Sure, we'll miss the short road trips for away games and the heated regional rivalries. But traveling down South in the heart of winter and seeing scantily-clad fans get sloppy before gametime sounds pretty damn good.