The Week: What You Missed


Sunday, November 27 While students were coming back from break, Syracuse University declared Bernie Fine would not be returning and fired him due to the sexual abuse scandal. Remember SU, stay true to your school. One man does not make represent the entire school.

The women who peppersprayed her way through 20 other shoppers on Black Friday surrendered to authorities. She also did not recieve the X-Box she wanted.

Monday, November 28 She might have tricked us at first but the cat is out of the bag. Miley Cyrus called herself a stoner at her birthday party referring to her Bob Marley cake. Guess this is another secret identity we did not know about.

Congress passed a law stating that pizza is a vegetable. Does that make it 0 points in Weight Watchers?

Tuesday, November 29 American Airlines's parent company filed for bankruptcy due to high fuel prices and expensive labor contracts that were created years in the past. Without American Airlines we might as well call the Syracuse Airport the Delta Airport.

Because Americans seem to always think bigger is better, Sony and Hitachi are working on 4 inch touch screens for the iPhone 5scheduled to arrive in 2012.

Wednesday, November 30 It is only appropriate to announce celebrity pregnancy news on Hump Day. Beyonce announced her baby will be here by Christmas. A little Sasha Fierce is the best gift this holiday season.

In other baby news, Kourtney Kardashian announced she was pregnant. Kourtney, your family had its time in the spotlight.

Thursday, December 1 Due to the ban on toys in kid's meals in San Francisco, Burger King has decided to charge for the extra treat in each meal. For those of us that still order kids meals, this sucks.

The Grammy nominees were announced. Take a look but we are not shocked that our girl Adele is listed a couple times.