Peppermint Panties (& Other Seasonal Delights)


Photo by Chaz Delgado Now that election season has come to a conclusion, it is time to look forward to the most wonderful time of the year—the season of undercover ho’s. Don’t let the fun come to a halt after the family dinners and Yankee Swaps end. Sleigh in the bedroom and bring the festivities into your underwear drawer. Besides, you’re probably already on the naughty list.


pp1Holidays are typically about the classic red and green with a sexy Santa hat. But if you’re more of a hipster and prefer smoothies to milk and cookies, then try out this boho chic lingerie set. Smooth pieces of velvet patched together with embroidered mesh give this unique set its festive twist. Unlike every bridesmaid dress you’ll ever wear, you can actually wear this set past New Year’s.






pp2Suck on these candy cane panties. Sweeter than any stocking stuffer, this shear and lacey thong is more than eye candy. This underwear can totally blend in as normal if you’ve got your mom doing your laundry while you’re home (because you are that lazy). If you’re not one to get into themed lingerie, this is a great stepping-stone into the world of adult dress-up games.








This subtle touch to your outfit can take your sweet church girl dress to Santa’s sexy helper with the undoing of one zipper. Smooth red velvet makes this $10 underwear something to put on your Christmas wish list. Hop right onto Santa’s slay and take the ride of your life.







Nothing’s worse than that cousin who’s your classic holiday downer. Sits around the table complaining about her ex that gave her the turkey dump. Don’t let this Grinch steal away your holiday cheer. Grab a pair of these super stretchy (perfect for post-dinner lounging) and adorable underwear with a message that rings truer than Merry Christmas itself.





screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-47-33-pmLooking for the perfect gift for that special someone (or maybe just yourself, #selfloveftw)? Look no further than this triple-treat sexy lace holiday set from the queens of all things underwear. Lace has never looked so good and fit so well. Their smooth and stretchy material keeps you from picking at your ass and lets your hands be busy with other things… like eating.







Before you knock this one off as the classic freshman Halloween costume, hear me out. This is a simple sexy look to take a classier approach to the Santa theme without literally strapping on a beard. This slip opens on the sides and is doted with delicate, white pom-poms. It’s cute and flirty without giving your significant other nightmares before Christmas about being fucked by Santa. You’re welcome.





If you’ve ever wanted to go naughty and nice all in one night, this is a MAJOR key. Throw it back to when the holidays were simpler times with this retro-inspired lace baby doll set. Delicate ribbons around the front keep this off the shoulder look easily accessible when needed. Bonus, it comes with a matching G-string.





More into dress up? Frosty got you covered. Fitted, styled, and totally playful, this look brings holiday cheer to the stiffest of nights. Don’t ruin someone’s childhood with a sexy Olaf costume or try to come off as a hot Grinch. When it comes to dress up, simplicity is key. Three black buttons on a white dress is snowman enough, no carrot nose necessary.





Wrapped up like the perfect little present. If you’re a beginner with this lingerie business, try out this cute yet sexy romper. The colors are perfect for the holidays and get you in the right mood without jingle bells dangling off your – you know actually I’d rather not think of that. Best part? All satin, all over.






Nothing is sexier than waking up in last night’s lingerie, and repeating last night once again. This comfy duo is not something you’ll be begging for someone to strip off of you. Although it’s not exactly easy access, it’s definitely for you if you pick comfort over convenience. If you check out the website, I swear I’ve never seen a model more relaxed in her photo-shoot pictures—so that must mean something good.



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