Relieve Your Single Burden


Being single often creates more stress than final exams, lost keys, or even Facebook withdrawal. But why does it make people so uneasy?

In my opinion, flying solo often means two things: nothing or everything.

I can do NOTHING

Shy singles often think “no relationship = no real social life.” So what’s the point in going out and having a great time? They don’t have anyone special, so not much fun can be had. Life is an iPod without any headphones.

They feel they can’t make the most of life without a meaningful relationship, as I used to personally believe. While they’re not antisocial, they lose the will to go out and enjoy themselves. Not the best for happiness or your self-esteem.


More outgoing and extroverted singles may feel the opposite. They’re free agents; they have buckets of freedom! Party hard and hook up harder. Not being exclusive means having options that CANNOT be wasted. Life is like a buffet and these individuals need to taste everything there.

These singles fear that unless they’re living on the edge, they aren’t living like they should. This allows them to go out and experience life, which is good. But the drawback is they ALWAYS feel this way. During their homework or alone time, this yearning to go crazy is a major distraction. Not the best for school, productivity, or his or her health.

Being caught up in these two extremes overwhelms many singles. Do I stay in? Go out? Hook up? Be casual? Do some work? Look at porn? It’s the dizzying amount of freedom that creates a single’s anxiety.

The solution: Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. These are just a few of the several million moments in your life and they’re not the most important. So relax, just look for something you’ll enjoy, and stick with it.

After all, something is the middle ground between nothing and everything.