Senator Graham Needs to Chill the Fuck Out


Unless you’ve been sleeping under a literal rock, you know that the US government has officially turned into an episode of Law and Order: SVU. But in case you missed it, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, of sexual assault. Which is super great news for someone who is trying to win a spot on the most powerful court in the nation. In fact, on September 27th, the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing took place and Dr. Ford had the opportunity to share her experience of the assault with a committee made up of 17 men and four women.

Yeah, you read that right.

First of all that’s a terrible ratio—even worse than the ones required for Cuseland parties, which is saying something. But the cherry on top was that one of these men was Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. You know, the guy on Law and Order who defends the rapist with all he’s got. The one you usually wanna punch in the face. And lucky for us, Senator Graham thought that this hearing would be a great place for him to tell everyone what he really thought.

Now this might have been okay if he wasn’t a cis-white male with absolutely no experience with sexual assault (or women for that matter-- he’s single ladies!). Unfortunately, given his lack of expertise, Graham’s outburst was uncalled for and frankly inappropriate. We watched it anyway, desperately waiting for Judge Judy to start slamming her gavel to get him to shut up, but unfortunately, nobody stopped him.

Newsflash Lindsey: we don’t need your testimony. But that didn’t stop him from completely writing off Dr. Ford’s accusation as an “unethical sham” and a “charade.” Two of the most toxic things you could ever say to a sexual assault survivor. However, he continued to voice his disrespect for Dr. Ford by stating he viewed her as nothing more than a pawn in this situation, which Ford has already denied while under oath. In short, his complete disregard for sexual assault survivors is disgusting.

Maybe if he had a wife or daughter he’d actually feel badly for Dr. Ford, since he clearly can’t figure out how to view women as people on his own. But for now, it’s clear that Senator Graham likes to shout out bogus opinions that are not only insulting to Dr. Ford, but to all sexual assault survivors. Get off your goddamn high horse Lindsey, you have a woman's name you might as well show them some respect.

Graham also gave the impression that because the assault was over 30 years ago it shouldn’t have any effect on Kavanaugh’s current character. “You're supposed to be Bill Cosby when you're a junior and senior in high school. And all of a sudden, you got over it. It's been my understanding that if you drug women and rape them for two years in high school, you probably don't stop,” Graham said. Because it’s super ok to drug and rape women in high school and not *at all* your fault if you can’t break that little habit. But Kavanaugh was not accused of being a serial rapist who drugs and assaults women for sport. He was accused of trying to take advantage of a girl when he was drunk out of his mind. Which is something the American people undoubtedly have the right to know. Graham also said that Brett Kavanaugh has been through hell… in front of Dr. Ford. The woman who has actually been going through hell AND sexually assaulted. Graham’s red angry face spewing garbage was not necessary for the courtroom. He needs to learn to relax and learn more about the women he is supposed to be representing. It takes one google search, one conversation, one tiny ounce of effort. But if all else fails, maybe Graham should try cracking open a cold one… it certainly did the trick for Kavanaugh all throughout high school.