Why Industrial Style Is In


Handcuff bracelets, caution tape belts, and hazard tape purses. But we’re not talking about construction sites. These new fashion pieces have been pulled from the streets and put on the rise thanks to a new trend called **industrial fashion**. Taking the concept of streetwear and bringing it to a whole new realm, industrial fashion puts the edge in edgy while still serving us urban realness. Brands like Virgil Abloh’s Off White are responsible for popularizing the look and getting even the most basic of people to rock a caution tape belt.  

Creating dope designs while graduating with a degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, definitely inspired the designer to push the boundaries of street wear. In fact, his studies are ultimately what led him to utilize building designs and everyday urban items like caution tape and street signs to make some pretty fucking wavy looks. But what is it exactly that makes us want to look construction-chic?

As Miranda Priestly once said, “Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Forget tired trends, industrial fashion brings newness, brightness, and creativity to a stage that has been largely dominated by the same-old same-old for far too long. This trend actually has the ability to make streetwear multi-dimensional and move fashion out from the depths of baggy pants and plain graphic tees. For instance, Off White’s latest fashion show featured pieces that were slim-fitting, sexy, and had a pop of color inspired by the brightness of a yellow caution tape in the middle of crime ridden Chicago.

Industrial fashion is also in because of its wearability. Unlike more minimalist looks that can only be worn on a bougie night out, a construction-inspired bodysuit can serve as a cute top for a trip to the gym, or turn you into a sexy NASCAR driver whenever your heart desires. If nothing else, it’ll certainly help you stand out from the crowd of little black dresses.

But let’s not forget one of the easiest ways to dip your foot into the world of industrial fashion: belts. A classic caution sign belt paired with a long sleeve romper is sure to make you look like “that bitch” in a crowd of birds. The blurred lettering all over give it a raw and unfinished feel, but the brightness of that 80s era neon gives it that nostalgic touch.

            So bottom line? We at Jerk encourage you to switch up your style by adding a handcuff bracelet to top off a classic dress or add dimension to your basic graphic tee. Construction is in and it’s time to fucking slay!