Sexual Hygiene: Take Care of Yourself


10_22_Sexplained Every guy has his signature scent, but sweat can definitely turn your man's natural aroma a little sour. There's no easy way to approach hygiene-related odors, but if you want to eradicate the stench and thus improve your sex drive, your best bet is to talk with him.

Let him know that you want to discuss something that affects both of you. Timing is key, so bring it up during casual conversation — not when you're about to get it on. You can start the conversation by saying something like, "Before I go down on you, get all nice ‘n clean for me, would ya?" Chances are, he'll agree to clean up his act rather than forgo oral action. If you're too uncomfortable being that up-front with him, you can try a more subtle approach and deodorize your guy by seductively suggesting you take a shower or bath together before you hit the sack. You'll wash away his lust-busting scent — and work him into a lather of a hot and horny kind.

Most of the time he just got back from an intense 12 minute workout at Ernie Davis, so no fear, the stench isn't permanent. Most guys are immune to their own smell and don't realize they stink. If you're out and about, not near a shower, and he wants you to go down on him but it's smells of fromundah cheese, I think the best thing to do would be distract him with your body parts, or kiss him elsewhere. No one wants to hold their nose while going down on their man... it's not cute. Also, your guy is probably not thinking about it.

But, the worst thing to do is blame him for being smelly. It's in his nature. I always like to compare guys to a huge dog. They are loud, they drool, and they smell, but they are the most loyal, loving creatures ever. So, it's not his fault, and if you think about it, how is he going to get down there to smell himself. That's the difference between a guy and a dog: dogs can smell themselves.

Just remember ladies, take your man to the shower before exploring the nether regions and you'll never have this problem. Or just be straight up and be like "yo, you smell like shit." Either of those options work, just depends on how ballsy (no pun intended) you are.