Sneakers Over Everything



Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “Sneakerhead” or seen the 2015 Netflix Documentary “Sneakerheadz”, and perhaps you have not. If you have not here’s how Urban Dictionary has defined the term,

1. A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordan’s or Dunks.

2. A person with background knowledge of certain sneakers.

Yo, that cat always be rockin fresh sneaks. Gotta be a sneakerhead.”

So maybe you don’t fit the description of a true sneakerhead per chance but here at Jerk we’re gonna go out on a limb in saying if you are an 18 to 23-year-old, especially in college, you are living in your sneakers. In fact, the majority of shoes you own might be sneakers. It doesn’t matter what type, they could be expensive, cheap, retro, furry for when it gets cold, a pair of Yeezy’s you waited 8 hours in line for, or a pair of kicks you bought at Forever 21 to get trashed at concerts and parties.

Sneakers are the now shoes, and we don’t need some scholarly article to tell you that. Sit in the quad and stare at the hundreds of feet that walk past you, and you’ll see for yourself.

No longer are sneakers only appropriate at the gym, they are appropriate in almost all situations of dress.

Sneakers are the everyday shoe of choice for people and can be seen being worn anywhere from classes, to the bars, to nice dinners, to interviews, to go clubbing, and yes still to the gym because thankfully those weird running shoes that are shaped like a foot, and have compartments for each toe did not catch on.

Thanks to pop culture, and off-duty/street wear style that has taken charge of the fashion scene in the last few years, sneakers have found a place in every store and on every clothing website. Models and celebrities are constantly being photographed in the coolest new sneakers. Rappers especially have dominated the world of fashion with sneaker collaborations, like the famed Yeezy’s which we can all thank Kanye West for. If you’ve watched the Defiant One’s you know Dr. Dre has a love for Nike Air Force 1’s, along with half the girls that walk around Syracuse. Many rappers rock Jordan’s, including J. Cole, and some of his famous contemporaries. Jay Z who has famously plugged Reebok in many of his songs has stayed pretty loyal to the brand over the years. However, more recently rappers have been seen sporting very affordable lower end sneakers like Converse and Vans. It is no coincidence that the rise of hip-hop has correlated with the rise of sneakers.

If you haven’t hopped on the sneaker-band wagon yet, then you are seriously missing out but we’ve found some suggestions that will satisfy high end and low end interests that will either introduce you to the amazing world of sneakers or simply just enhance your already substantial collection.

High End for Women:

  1. A sparkly pair for a night out on the town.
  2. A pair that will take any daytime outfit to the next level.
  3. A pair that will make anyone at the gym say, “I need to know where you got your shoes”
  4. A fur-lined pair to wear in the dead of winter, because no one is wearing boots anymore.

Low End for Women:

  1. A pair that look cool with pretty much anything and will take you from class to class.
  2. A pair to keep you in line with the trends, and also wear to tailgates or parties, as they can easily be wiped down.
  3. A pair to rock when Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Creepers are sold out, but a pair you also won’t cry about if they get destroyed.
  4. And lastly, a pair that you can never go wrong with because they are a closet classic.

High End for Men:

  1. A pair of Yeezy’s because what is more exclusive than paying over 1,000 or waiting in line in the freezing cold or sweltering heat for a pair at regular price.
  2. A pair that even Justin Bieber wears, so they’re kinda cool.
  3. A pair of Nike Jordan’s because even if you don’t play basketball they will still get you from class to a nicer dinner with friends.
  4. A pair that says you know good fashion.

Lower End for Men:

  1. A pair that will look good with anything, and if you keep them clean and don’t trash them at a party, will keep your outfit looking crisp and clean. Or opt for the Raf Simmons version for a high end pair if you are a true sneaker fanatic.
  2. A pair that you probably won’t want to trash at parties but are cool enough that you won’t be able to wear them anyways.
  3. A pair that unfortunately don’t look good on everyone, but if they do then these will add a serious cool factor to any outfit you choose to wear.