Some People Are Trying to Start a White Cultural Club at SU


WCC_header In the past week, students have noticed fliers in buildings such as Hall of Languages and Huntington Beard Crouse Hall calling attention to a new organization on campus: The White Cultural Club.

Whether or not this is an actual thing, or just some fucked up hoax, it appears to raise many questions.

The flier states that the group's mission is to "address the negative connotations that are ingrained into the modern day white person's identity." The flier also mentions how white people are associated with terms like "oppressive, patriarchal, bigoted, racist, ignored, and privileged."

Interestingly enough, the flier includes grainy pictures that reflect imperialism, one of the largest examples in history that white supremacy and privilege have been used to overpower and wipe out people of color. The images literally refer to a practice in which groups of white people conquer areas of the world to dominate other people in acts of colonization, and often times, carry out genocide.


This group sounds a lot like those people who ask, "If there's a Black History Month, why isn't there a White History Month, too?" Perhaps there are some men's rights activists in there as well.

Even with the stir the White Cultural Club is causing, they seem to be cloaked in secrecy, hiding behind their computer screens and posting on Facebook and Twitter (where they use a map of Europe as their profile image). Interested members must email if they want information about the time and location of the first meeting or to see a copy of the constitution.

Jerk reached out via the email provided on the flier, but the group wouldn't agree to an interview — well, they said, "We would like this interview to be publicized and done in front of a gathering of people as opposed to a one on one interview. We prefer this format because our words will not be twisted and misunderstood."

So, nah, not about to set up some public forum for what at this point, sounds like racist bullshit.

The group chose not to answer any of the most basic questions we emailed, such as who their founders are or what they are planning to do this semester, nor would they provide us with a copy of the constitution.

On the group's social media profiles, however, they did reveal one of their first orders of business that will be discussed:

Hmm… not quite.

Update, Feb. 2: David Sargalski, the director of the Office of Student Activities, says the White Cultural Club did not apply for official OSA recognition by the published deadline, so they are not a recognized student organization in the university’s view.

Update, Feb. 3: Shannon Feeney Andre, the communications manager in the the Division of Student Affairs, says they are currently working with staff to find out more information about the White Cultural Club.

The group has posted that it is currently trying to seek university affiliation.

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