SU Students Open Up (So To Speak) About "Butt Stuff"

Design by Brittany Isdith Butt Mom, all the cool rappers are doing it!

In light of the best hashtag ever directed at Kanye, "#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch"—never mind, the best hashtag ever—let's just ask what everyone has been secretly thinking. What is the deal with butt stuff?

More specifically, what do Syracuse University students think when they hear “butt stuff"?

“NOPE, that is exit only.”

You’re right, concerned SU student! Stuff does come out of there but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to come out of there while you’re doing any type of anal play. That being said, if you do choose to venture into that particular abyss, you should still make absolutely sure the proper prep work is done and the area is clean. Like, sterile clean. Like, Meredith-Grey-would-be-cool-operating-down-there clean. Like, you-could-have-Thanksgiving-dinner-off-of-it clean.

“If someone stuck their fingers up my asshole without telling me I would be so mad. Don’t 'Kanye' me!”

Obviously, if someone just slid something into any orifice without some type of a warning, there’d be cause for alarm. No one likes a surprise knock on the back door. If anyone is jamming anything up anywhere without any type of warning, get the fuck out. Or at least get the fuck to talking about why someone would think that it is cool. It's not. It's a reason to call your mom to pick you up and never, ever bring you back.

“It has definitely crossed my mind.”

Open mind, open asshole. That is totally a saying, right? We’re young and there are basically no rules in our lives right now. If it has crossed your mind, then now is probably a great time to try and see if you’re into it. Probably not best to try anal play the very first time you’re hooking up with someone new, just on account of the fact that you’ve just met. Butt stuff is more of a second date type of situation. No judgement though.

“I’ve done butt stuff, and honestly, it is great.”

Awesome! You’re young and there is no one stopping you. And if you’re not into it, tremendous! No one is stopping you from not doing butt stuff. There is actually a shit ton (no pun intended) of nerve endings down there, so if it feels good it feels good. If the sheer thought makes you cringe, that's fine too.

In conclusion, do what you want. No one cares what goes in or out of your asshole. Unless it stinks up the bathroom.