51 Thoughts You Have While Watching The Bachelor

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Many of us suffer from addictions to ABC's The Bachelor. We can't understand or explain the way the show makes us feel... but we know it feels right. Despite the fact that the same thoughts run through our heads every single Monday night at 8 p.m., we can't help but tune in every week.

Here's a list of things you're probably thinking mid-Bachelor binge.

  1. This is honestly my favorite day of the week.
  2. Is that sad?
  3. Whatever, cause Ben is so cute.
  4. Why don't boys like him (or any boys taller than 5'9") exist in Syracuse ?
  5. Olivia, literally just leave.
  6. How is she still here?
  7. *tries to catch glimpse of Olivia's cankles*
  8. Wait, I can't remember who went home last week.
  9. She was probably irrelevant.
  10. I think I miss Lace. Olivia makes me miss Lace.
  11. Leah exists?
  12. Why does Caila spell her name so weird?
  13. It was SO obvious she was going to get the cute one-on-one date.
  14. TBH I want to be on this show just for the free vacations.
  15. And the mansion.
  16. Annd the unlimited alcohol.
  17. Annnd the Instagram followers.
  18. The pigs. So cute. Need.
  19. TBH, I may or may not be Olivia. #clingy
  20. I need more wine.
  21. A two-on-one date is the definition of "a nightmare dressed like a daydream".
  22. Did Olivia actually just say "I love you?"?
  23. Emily is low-key pretty cool without her other half around.
  24. She could use an occupation besides "twin" though.
  25. There's literally no way Olivia is getting that rose right now.
  26. I'm freaking out.
  27. I'm screaming.
  28. OMFG.
  29. Did they pay the Bahamas to make it start raining at the exact moment Ben breaks up with Olivia?
  30. BYEEE Olivia
  31. Now I really miss my homegirl Lace.
  32. And that dentist girl.
  33. Why are there so many Laurens on this show?
  34. I wonder if Ben will still call her "Lauren B" if they get married.
  35. "I now pronounce you Ben H. and Lauren H."
  36. Just doesn't have the same ring to it. #ForeverLaurenB
  37. Olivia is making journalists look bad…“talk smart things”? Really?!
  38. Caila just may have said she “loved” Ben.
  39. Come on. It's been like, three weeks.
  40. But lol same though.
  41. Everyone knows Lauren B. and Ben are perf for each other, so why not just end it here?
  42. Wait, don’t. I live for this every week.
  43. Leah, stop throwing so much shade at Lauren B. #sketchy
  44. I wonder if the girls who get kicked off watch the show.
  45. I wonder if their parents watch it. Yikes.
  46. KARMA, Leah. It's a bitch.
  47. Cancelled cocktail party?! Savage.
  48. Lauren H., I’ll miss ya. But the kindergarteners needed you more than Ben did.
  49. Chris Harrison, you da real MVP.
  50. I really should sign up for the next casting call.
  51. ...Seriously, where can I sign up?
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