Surviving the Final Fatigue


By Lauryn Botterman

Finals flat out blow. Besides the fact that you have to become an uber nerd to prepare, you are also faced with the taunting anticipation of Winter Break. This mixture of excitement, anxiety, and the ridiculous amount of caffeine you will consume in the next week is the perfect recipe for a heart attack. All complaining aside, you will eventually have to buckle down and take the God-forsaken final. Follow these tips and the next few weeks will be smooth sailing. Good luck!

Be anti-social. Deal with your separation anxiety for a few hours and give your friends the boot. Find a quiet and secluded place to study. When you’re trying to cram 150 pages of that reading you didn’t do all semester, your friends constant chatter isn't going to help you.

Sleep. Set a schedule and remember to pencil in some sleeping time. If you give yourself enough time you shouldn’t have to make any all-nighters. Sleep is vital for memory and focus.

Take an active break. If you’ve been sitting for a while, take a break to walk around for a while. Physical activity can relieve tension and stress, not to mention when your ass starts to hurt from sitting for hours you should probably move a little.

Fucking study. Point blank, if you’re not going to study you’re going to fail. Quit the whining and deal with it. If you find that you haven’t started studying until the night before, well then ditch all of these tips and start cramming.