The 5 Best Moments From Block Party


xMahd850iCo-rGxOUuv_stnMz4iq58L1txUCZEWu6oY,l0UfVhISddoCq1O7f2nluVvSOwLcOs-7tLHUv-5tqrw Whether you were hungover from Mayfest or already rallying, anyone in the crowd that made it to Block Party knows it was one hell of a night. Considering the less than optimal weather at Mayfest, there was hope that the concert would provide the heat (and it did). It was a night of confetti streams, crowd surfing, and throwing it back to 2003.

Despite the earlier controversy (aka bitching) about the acts, it seemed that any negative feelings had all but disappeared by show time. Here are our top five favorite moments:

1. Rae Sremmurd unlocking the swag


This duo consisting f Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee definitely lived up to the hype. Within the first minute of the set, Jxmmi had has shirt off, and then unexpectedly crowd surfed to the delight of his fans (though security was not pleased). The crowd interaction was great, and performing their biggest hits “No Type” and “No Flex Zone” definitely brought the energy needed to kick-off the concert. And as an added bonus, at the close of their set, the two performed their part from Mike Will Made It’s song “Drinks On Us." #SremmLife

2. Hydration nation


It’s inevitable that after drinking for the majority of the day, you’ll be feeling a little parched. If you were one of the lucky people who had floor tickets then it was your lucky night — the Dome food services had free water for concertgoers, and the rush for it was absolutely insane. Students in the upper levels looked on longingly, but let's remember they paid $5 for their tickets.

3. Kygo bringing the vibes


Fresh off his performances at Coachella, Kygo brought the chill desert feeling with him to the Dome. Opening his set with “Cut Your Teeth (Remix)” the crowd was noticeably calmer, but the confetti and air streams definitely woke them up. For his final song he played his huge hit “Firestone” which caused everyone in the Dome to sing along and throw their hands in the air.

4. Dance, dance


What’s a concert without groups of people dancing wildly? During every performance I saw at least one or two groups dancing their faces off. There were a variety of styles from the whip dance, fist pumping, actual dancing, and the typical twirling in a circle kind. Guess you’ve got to work all those corndogs off somehow.

5. 50 Cent and G-Unit being P.I.M.Ps


We may have only been wee youngsters in 2003, but we definitely remember the songs from back in the day. That was evident when 50 and the crew came on opening with the classic “What Up Gangsta” and the crowd lost it. From there they went on to play all their hits from Lloyd Bank’s smash “Beemer, Benz, or Bentley” to the 50 Cent anthem “P.I.M.P.” For the majority of the show 50 shared the stage with his G-Unit comrades. To close out their headlining act, 50 performed the classic anthem “In Da Club.” And, of course, the crew came back out and gave an encore performance at the end.

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Photos by Olivia Monko