The 5 Worst Reality TV Couples


ng jon and kate 2 100809 Televised love is a many splendored thing — as long as your viewer ratings don’t bottom out and someone’s cashing the royalty checks, that is. Reality television has brought us a lot of great shows in the past. Without it, Tyra Banks would have been just another model without a catch phrase and Flavor Flav wouldn’t have found true lust. But for every Sean Lowe, somewhere out there is a Juan Pablo threatening to ruin it for us all.

It takes a special set of people to combine reality TV forces and rise to nicknamed super foe status. Like Romeo and Juliet, there’s nothing more star-crossed than two equally delusional people. Then, simply put them in front of a camera — Iit’s the perfect recipe for ratings, rivalries and regrettable romance. See the worst of them below.

1. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt (The Hills, I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, Celebrity Big Brother UK) I’m no Dr. Drew, but you know what they say about fake boobs and flesh beards. You don’t? Well, Heidi and Spencer do, because, despite all odds, they are still making a living off of free press and mediocrity. Yes. In a world where Gwyneth and Chris have consciously uncoupled, Speidi lives on. Ponder that for a sec.

2. Jon & Kate Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8)


This one’s a true throwback, and a bittersweet one at that. Before TLC was home to gypsy fighting and Amish crime, there was sweet, wholesome Jon & Kate Plus 8. After their split, Kate found a hair stylist and Jon found Ed Hardy. Jon recently revealed that he would be open to the possibility of some sort of televised sit down or Couples Therapy with his ex Kate, but 2009 is a year best left in the past.

3. Kris & Bruce Jenner (Keeping Up With the Kardashians)


The televised saga of Kris and Bruce Jenner was a journey to say the least. Early days showed Bruce very rarely, but the more camera time Bruce got, the sadder and more obvious his doormat status became. Even Brody had to step in. At least Bruce has really come into his own as a fashion icon, red nails and all.

4. Doug Hutchinson & Courtney Stodden (Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother)


I’d like to apologize in advance for reminding everyone this union ever did/does exist. You may or may not recognize 54-year-old Hutchison from Lost, and Courtney Stodden as his 20-year-old child bride, but they are very much a thing. The two infamously got hitched when Stodden was 16, and they have been cashing in on the attention since. Between Stodden’s budding music career (no thank you) and Hutchison’s pleas for a series, it’s a wonder they haven’t begun a campaign for first family.

5. Britney Spears & Kevin Federline (Britney & Kevin: Chaotic)


I’m not sure whether to be more amused or upset by the fact that Chaotic is listed as a TV mini series on IMDB. Contrary to what its official genre suggests, the show was less smartly scripted Emmy bait than it was a collection of “home videos” filmed by Godney and K-Fed themselves. Hindsight is 20/20 and we’re all aware of the repercussions their hideous courtship had — I’ll thank the universe this nightmare is in the past.