The 6 Most Inspirational Quotes from Forest Whitaker's Talk at SU


IMG_1 On Wednesday, March 25, the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha held their fourth annual Truth Be Told series at Hendricks Chapel. This year’s installment brought philanthropist, producer, and Oscar-winning actor, Forest Whitaker, known for his work in Lee Daniels: The Butler and Vantage Point.

In a talk entitled “The New American Opportunity," Whitaker spoke on the importance of community, the increasing trend of diversity in the media, and the opportunities that come from a strong work ethic. Here are his six most inspirational quotes from the night.

1. “You don’t have to go to church, but you have to go somewhere. You have to believe in something.”

2. “Everyone has a responsibility to lift up their brothers and sisters.”

3. “Greatness is when people are willing to give to others.”

4. “When people start to communicate, the answer to conflict starts to appear.”

5. “When you keep your goals in sight, there are numerous pathways to get you there.”

6. “I am special. You are who you are.”

Photo by Chris Sechler