The Best Television Shows Returning and Premiering to the Air in September:

Photo courtesy of NBC Back to school means back to the television set for most of us, since September is the month our favorite shows come back on the air. Ideally our parents imagine us in the library, day in and day out, with no exposure to sunlight or other human life; okay, maybe a little dramatic, but you get my point.

Back to school in Syracuse also means Mother Nature can't make up her mind, and every day is a toss-up between shorts and a tank top, and jeans and a long-sleeve. However, at the end of your day when you plop in front of the TV, you know September means you can count on a selection of good shows.

From comedy to action to romance, there is a show for everyone. So, without further ado, here are my top five shows (regardless of genre) coming back or premiering this month.


  1. The Voice: Premieres on September 19 on NBC at 8 PM

So she's back with Liam and she's coaching aspiring artists? You go Glen Coco: though in this case Glen Coco is Miley Cyrus. Veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, will be accompanied by Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. Adam and Blake are always entertaining to watch, and Alicia and Miley are sure to spice things up.


  1. Empire: Premieres on September 21 on FOX at 9 PM

This family dynasty returns to the air for season three this Wednesday. While tension and stakes heighten between the family, season three is sure to impress. And even if the plot is mediocre, everyone loves Cookie, am I right?


  1. This is Us: Premieres on September 20 on NBC at 10 PM

“This is Us” is actually premiering as a series. However, if you've been on the internet the past few months, you've definitely seen the trailer for this show. With so much emotion and relatable conflicts, I predict that this show is going to be a success. It's also probably good to mention that the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, also wrote "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and "Tangled." We expect big things from this.


  1. How to Get Away with Murder: Premieres on September 22 on ABC at 10 PM

When law and other legal matters are involved, a show is almost certain to impress. As is the case in this thriller television series, "How to Get Away with Murder" returns for a third season, and Professor Annalise Keating is sure to have her hands full once again.


  1. Grey's Anatomy: Premieres on September 22 on ABC at 8 PM

I know what some of you may be thinking: "This show is still on the air?" Meanwhile others have been counting down the days until the show would be back. Nonetheless, season thirteen of Grey's Anatomy returns next week. Though McDreamy has been gone and Cristina is not returning, the drama will continue for everyone. Plus everyone loves Meredith so we have to support her.


Other shows that have already aired but are definitely worth watching include "Dancing with the Stars," "Blindspot," “American Horror Story,” and, of course, NFL football.


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