The Do's And Don'ts Of Fleeting Fall Weather

4. Dress4FallPhoto by Adham Elsharkawi

Ah, fall. It’s that time of year again… and I’m not talking about that one beautiful week of perfect breezy weather.

No, I'm talking about the one when the trees have just changed and the sun perfectly backlights your face for pumpkin spice selfies. Syracuse fall. The strange few weeks in between heat wave season and tundra time that completely prevent you from being able to dress yourself. It is actually impossible to wear proper outfits - physically and mentally. Ain’t nobody got the strength or the time to choose and stick with a single ensemble on a fall day at ‘Cuse.

Unless you have the body temperature stability of Kim Davis (I’m pretty sure she feels nothing), come laundry day, you’re going to be dishing out quarters like a quasi-generous grandma. Luckily, you can save the change by heeding these simple Do’s and Don’t’s.

Don't wear flip-flops with leggings, a skirt wrapped over, a three-quarter-length Henley, a vest, and some scarves. Instead of big man on campus, you look like Little Edie from Grey Gardens. You haven’t seen Grey Gardens? How dare you. Watch it immediately, or Jessica Lange will descend from the skies and personally slap you. Fair warning.

Do layer appropriately for the entire day’s forecast. Running from the Hall Of Languages to south campus and back to Maxwell repeatedly throughout the day is a hassle. Bring a light jacket and a versatile scarf to class.

Don't become a kleptomaniac. Going full stealth mode and swiping other people’s accessories when they look away is not okay. Chances are you aren’t that sly and stealing is a crime. If you need a little something extra to keep you warm, dip into a campus store.

Do take advantage of the Schine bookstore. I know, I know. You already have seven bright orange varsity jerseys, but you can never have too much ‘Cuse apparel, am I right? The bookstore has some pieces that can be your quick fix for the sudden change in the weather, or just more outfit options for tailgates to keep you warm.

Don't think that if you dress like it is Coachella, the sun will appease you. Syracuse weather does not take orders from anybody. Wear all the fringe vests and crop tops that you want #JudgeFreeZone. Dance around in high-waisted shorts to The Weeknd because that certainly was not the case for Juice Jam. And when you can’t feel your face when you’re at ‘Cuse, nobody will actually love it. You have been warned.

Do brace yourself because winter is coming. I’m talking rain, sleet, shine, snow, and hail… all in one day. We go to school in one of the snowiest cities in the United States. When you slip down the sidewalks, you never land on anything but your face or tailbone. Skip the embarrassment and invest in some boots with traction. Embrace the oncoming tundra with style. First-time fall freshmen (and transfer students) stick out like a pair of crocs among Birkenstocks. You had your skimpy fun over the summer, so spare the crop tops and bare legs for open nights at the frats (better yet, save your dignity and wear something you won’t mind Aunt Linda seeing on Facebook).

Even though the fleeting weeks of crisp air and glowing sunshine are few, seize the opportunity to layer like a Free People ad. When the cold comes, it comes through hard.