The Great Debate: Period Sex… Is It Hot or Not?


Designed by Jena Salvatore Anyone who has ever experienced the great joy of PMS’ing, knows that when you’re on your period you are horny as all hell. So why is it during this time of off-the-charts horniness levels that women feel deprived of sex the most? There has always been great stigma around periods in general (even though they are a perfectly normal part of life). Well, Jerks, period sex is one of those experiences where you can’t knock it, until you try it.

Most of the female students we interviewed who had period sex at one point in their life said that it was really no different than regular non-period sex. Most also agreed that they wouldn’t have sex when they were in the first couple days of their cycle, mostly because the flow is at its heaviest (and we know you only brought one pair of sheets to school). Plus, cramps are at their most painful, so sex during these trying times could have provided more discomfort than pleasure. The girls were all pretty comfortable with having sex towards the end of their menstrual cycle, and/or if their partner was someone they felt comfortable with.

Amara, 19, said, “I’ve been with my boyfriend for a while, so we were comfortable enough with each other that I didn’t feel embarrassed about being on my period or anything. Plus the blood didn’t really get anywhere besides the condom and a bit on him, so it didn’t ruin the mood or anything.” One student even described period blood as “a natural lubricant.” Overall, the female students were all for it, because they didn’t view period blood as a deciding factor in whether or not they should have sex. It’s natural!

Taken from the guy’s perspective, it’s pretty much the same circumstances. One student who wished to remain nameless said that he didn’t mind if it was a girlfriend with whom he was having period sex, but if a random girl proposed the idea, he would definitely turn it down.

Still, sex is sex, and most people probably don’t really care about whatever fluids are being released from your body as long as they are having sex with you. Of course, there are people that are grossed out by the idea of period sex, and it’s perfectly okay if it isn’t your thing. As Sam, 19, said, quoting his sixth grade health teacher, “It’s like picking your nose while it’s running” Do you really want to? Maybe not, but its harmless nonetheless. Patricia, 20, advised, “Shower sex is a good way of having period sex when you don’t want it to be too messy.” So this could be a great way to experiment with period sex for those who are a little hesitant or skeptical.

From the perspective of Carrie Coleman, a practicing Ob/Gyn (a.k.a. someone trained in this stuff), period sex has some pretty good benefits, since it decreases the need for lubrication and can possibly soothe menstrual cramps. It is, however, important to have safe sex if you’re going to do it (i.e. use a condom), since certain STDs can travel or be transmitted through period blood.

One 21-year-old student voiced that “Sometimes I’m worried about whether my partner is grossed out, and other times I’m turned on by the fact that he’s into it. I feel like adults aren’t grossed out about it [period sex] as much, so it makes me feel a little grown.” If you feel safe and comfortable with your partner, and you really want to have sex, don’t let a natural bodily function get in the way.

Go ahead and have the hottest, adrenaline-rushing, blood-fueled sex of your life. Period.