The Best Places to Poop at Syracuse University


Photo by Chaz Delgado I hate to break it to you, but contrary to popular belief, everyone poops.

Guys, I know what you’re thinking. “What? No. That can’t be possible!” Girls simply don’t poop, right?


And guys, everyone knows you all poop. Quite frankly, you don’t hide it well, so your bowel movements do not come as a surprise to anyone.

Although it’s been scientifically proven that both men and women poop, we still refuse to talk about it. The overall consensus is that people enjoy being on their own when they poop; understandable in my opinion.

While at Syracuse there are a million bathrooms to choose from, we evaluated people’s favorite places to poop were. So if you don’t have a favorite spot yet, check out these places and maybe you’ll have a new favorite bathroom (or at the very least, a back-up).

  1. Newhouse Bathroom Behind the Cage

“It’s a single bathroom, but it’s next to a regular bathroom with stalls, so when someone knocks you don’t feel pressure to get up. They just go to the other bathroom, so they don’t know you pooped either.”

  1. Basement of Slocum Bathrooms

“Literally no one goes down there, and the walls are like made of rock so there’s no fear of sound traveling. It’s also a long enough bathroom so you don’t really have to fear someone taking a stall right next to you.”

  1. Hendricks Chapel near People’s Place


  1. Any of the Schaffer Bathrooms

“Art kids leave the most entertaining graffiti.”

  1. Bathroom on the Fourth Floor of Sims

“There is a nice window toilet and no one is ever up there. Nice mirrors to take pics of myself in.”

  1. Dineen Hall

“Cleanest academic building I’ve ever seen.”

  1. Newhouse 3, Bottom Floor, Private Bathrooms, near the Dick Clark Area

“They have fancy lighting in their mirrors.”

  1. Fourth Floor of Bowne Hall

“It’s v quiet so I can collect my thoughts and reflect on life.”

  1. Psi U toilets

“There’s no walls between the toilets so you can hold hands with your best friend while shitting.”

  1. Fourth Floor of Whitman

“Each stall has their own Lysol spray and there’s never anyone in them. I’m pretty sure it’s where the professors go.”

There you have it. When you can’t enjoy the comfort of your own toilet and have to desperately go to the bathroom, check out one of these places (or don’t). Everyone loves their pooping spot and if you invade their space, they will probably hate me. Happy toilet searching everyone.