The Official Guide to College Love Over the Years


wednesday_sexplained Oh, college love…how special. Personally, it makes me want to throw up. For most, college love is about racking up your number and not having any remorse about it. For others, college is about finding that soul mate that you stick with for the rest of your life.

Freshman year is an exciting time. You're away from home, living your own life, and there's a plethora of boys and girls just waiting to have sex with anything that moves. You met him at DJ's one night and ever since then, all you can think about is him. You're so infatuated with him that you can foresee spending your lives together forever. Let me stop you right there, because you two are simply a baby couple. You guys are young, “in love,” and stupid. The semester has barely started, and chances are, this isn’t going to last. What do you plan on telling your kids when they ask how you two met? “Well, we were both on the sticky dance floor and sharing a fishbowl…” It’s time to move on.

Sophomore year comes around and you're starting to network and meet new people. You are finally starting to get the handle on college. You meet an amazing guy who is taking college semi-seriously and only goes out Thursday through Saturday. During my sophomore year, I was in a relationship, and let me tell you, I was making plans left and right for after college. I thought I had it all figured it out. Since then I’ve been in four relationships. But, if you think he is the one, then by all means!

Junior year, shit starts getting serious. There is a lot to worry about and the big A word is a factor. Yes, abroad…studying abroad. Do you dump the boo or do you put up with having to worry about someone back in the States? It’s a tough one but if you two can make it through a semester abroad, I’m pretty sure you can make it through anything.

Dun, dun, dun…senior year hits you like a ton of bricks. You are still in this relationship. There have been a lot of ups, downs, breaks, and tons of other crazy shit, but you two are still going strong. I think it is time to start thinking about plans for the two of you after college. Where will you be working? Where will he be working? Are you two going to be living together? These are all things you have to start thinking about, but if you guys made it this long, I have a strong feeling that you two were meant to be together! Good luck, and do tell me about your college love.