The Power of the Vagina


By Bria Holness

Inspired by a YouTube video I recently watched, “Pu**y Payments,” by Jerry Lavigne, I started really thinking about the idea that women hold power simply because they have a vagina. Especially because I have a vagina myself.

Now let me be clear about this from now: I’m not referring to this power in a way that women should use their body to get what they want. I’m referencing to a power that women are clearly unaware of, a power that stems from the fact that women possess something that every heterosexual man wants, something that men will work for as long as women require them to.

“Every pu**y has a price…there’s always some type of payment involved in you releasing your [vagina],” Lavigne said early in his video. If a man wants to have sex with a woman, he will do whatever is necessary to make that happen, as long as she doesn’t make it easy to get. This could mean taking her out to eat, buying her gifts, or simply putting in effort to show his affection for her. Even if a woman has had sex with a man only once, he will keep working to win her affection so he can continue to have sex with her. However, as stated by Justin a sophomore, it depends on the circumstances of the woman giving it up the first time.

“If I worked really hard for it the first time,” he says, “then yeah, I would continue to work for it afterwards.”

There are many women who don’t realize that with the power they hold, they can require a man to put in work or effort in order to get the goods.

“There are women who give away their product not realizing that they can put a price tag on it,” Lavigne added. “If you don’t know the price or set a price onto your product it’s worthless.”

This, unfortunately, is seen a lot in the college environment where instant gratification is a must and college is a free for all. Jocelyn, a sophomore, agreed. “Girls in college don’t put a price on their goods,” she says.

Some women don’t even require the man to respect her, believing that the man will simply stay around because she’s had sex with him. These women don’t understand the value of their vagina, and as a result, don’t place any sort of value on themselves. They don’t find themselves worthy enough of requiring a man to put in any effort to receive their time, love, or effort. “The females that do give it up and don't expect anything in return are insecure,” said Katherine, a sophomore.

As Lavigne states in his video, of course men are going to try to get sex without putting in any effort, but that’s why it’s a woman’s job to realize her value and set her price. Women who do so have learned that they possess something valuable and will feel as if the man earned her love; not like he took it without giving her anything in return.

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