The Sassiest Tweets After SU Announced Its Self-Imposed Post-Season Basketball Ban


Louisville v Syracuse On February 4, at approximately 5:18 p.m., something tragic happened in Syracuse — something unthinkable. Students stopped short in their snowy tracks through the quad. Professors cancelled class instantly. Somewhere, Chancellor Kent Syverud cackled manically while sitting in an armchair and petting a cat.

Syverud sent an email to students, faculty, and staff notifying them that SU has enacted a self-imposed one-year post-season ban for the men’s 2014-15 basketball season as part of its case pending before the NCAA Committee on Infractions. The ban includes the ACC Tournament and any additional post-season tournaments such as the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament and the National Invitational Tournament (NIT).

If there's one thing to know about 'Cuse students, it's that they like their sports. Specifically, basketball. Perhaps 'Cuse really is dead after all.

People turned to Twitter, of course, to express their displeasure. And we've got to say, some of you are pretty sassy! But, we love the sass, so keep it coming. Here are some of our favorite responses to the #BasketballBanOf2015.

And we can't forget the Yik Yaks:

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