5 Great Foreplay Moves That Don't Involve Oral


2_4_Sexplained Good foreplay is an arguably essential prelude to incredible sex. Without it, your sex sesh can potentially be dry, slowing things way down, or lack the color and zest necessary for a spicy, fun ride. When people talk about foreplay, it seems almost everyone’s go-to is to give or receive oral sex. The problem is, not everyone loves to travel down south. In the cases when one or both partners are not feeling oral, and when foreplay seems most necessary, it’s good to know your options. We’ve got some great ideas that will leave anyone begging for more, leading you and your partner into that amazing sex you both crave.

1. If you have some rhythm... Start off your night of pleasure with an erotic lap dance. Throw on a sensual playlist, dim the lights (red light would serve you best), and give or receive a lap dance that will bring you both to bliss. If you’re performing the sexy dance, make sure to gently touch your partner whenever possible. Whether it be with your fingers or with your backside, these gentle touches will send chills throughout your partner’s body, and you’re sure to get aroused from how you’re making him or her feel. A great album to consider: Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey. Her smooth tone of voice and chill-wave sound is sure to put you both in the right mood.

2. If you like to get messy… Bring some tasty food-play into the bedroom. Raid your fridge for anything that you wouldn’t mind licking off of someone’s body — chocolate syrup, whipped cream, peanut butter, whatever suits your fancies. If you’re both into it, take turns getting dirty while the other spends some time cleaning. Even try to bring some wine or Frangelico into the equation and alternate between your drink of choice and your partner’s mouth. The whole experience is bound to be delectable at the least, getting you ready for the next round: the shower.

3. If you like it hot and wet… Help your partner get nice and clean in the shower before you proceed to get down and dirty. Use this time in the shower before sex to really get to know your partner’s body. Get each other all soapy, and just feel everything. This close moment of intimate exploration is sure to light the fire where you both want it. There is little possibility that you two won’t be jumping each other’s bones within ten minutes. Foreplay goal achieved.

4. If you’re turned on by sensual aromas… Try your hands at a sensual hot oil massage. Not only will you be affected by the scent of the oils, you will also get hot (literally) from the act. Massaging with oils is both relaxing and erotic, giving you both the excuse to be all over each other. For best results, test the oils on your wrist after heating to ensure that neither of you gets burned and while massaging, and try to hit the erogenous zones. For men, erogenous zones include the soles of his feet, between his butt and back-upper thigh, and the "small" of his back. For women, the inner thighs, her butt cheeks, and the nape of her neck are just a few of her erogenous zones. Target these areas, as well as wherever gets your partner excited, and you’re sure to be heated up enough to continue a wild night.

5. If you’re intrigued by mystery… Blindfold your partner proceed to tease. Find a tie, a bandana, a sleep mask — anything that would gently shield your partner’s view. This will heighten all of his or her other senses, magnifying every touch, every kiss, and every move. This is another instance where knowledge of the erogenous zones would prove very useful. Take advantage of this time of heightened awareness and playfully tease your partner until you have him or her begging for more. This move will be an exciting, but not extreme, peak into the BDSM lifestyle, bringing a touch of mystery and Fifty Shades-esque fun into your world.

Art by Shawna Rabbas