The Songs You Need To Know For Juice Jam 2016


  Photo courtesy of University Union

It is that time of the year again. The jumping and rhythmic single-arm bobbing event of the Syracuse fall semester. The superpower that is University Union took to their social networks on a hot, humid Friday afternoon to give the student body a glimmer of hope. If you haven’t heard yet, University Union released an astoundingly well-rounded line-up of artists that makes the late September 25th performance date incredibly worth it.

Whether you’ve heard of the artists or not, it is best to get prepped when going to Juice Jam. Don’t rely on a Forever 21 crop-top, cut-off high waisted jeans or a basketball jersey to show you a good time. Believe it or not, Juice Jam is all about the music. Congratulations, you’re at a place of higher education that values lengthy semi-brick walk-ways and shelling out serious dollars for your drunk ass to dance around in a field. The least you can do is know a song or two.

LOLO – “Hit and Run”

While LOLO’s alternative rock, sultry sound can be mellow and easy, “Hit and Run” harnesses the reckless attitude you’ll have as you come storming the Skytop Field. Get ready for head banging and hip swaying.

STEPHEN – “Sincerely”

A “soft boy” with James Blake feels, this indie stage artist may wallow, but he makes up for it with distinct lyricism and strong production that will take you by surprise. “Sincerely” is the perfect representation of what he embodies as an artist. A soft, sweet beginning and electric production finish will leave you’ hypnotized and ready to vibe out.

D.R.A.M. – “CHA CHA”

If you haven’t heard of D.R.A.M., you’ve been sleeping. Point blank. For those who are complaining, “another rapper? I’ve had it with University Union,” you can remove yourself and take a seat. D.R.A.M. effortlessly moves between rapping and singing with his distinct style. “Broccoli,” “Cute,” and “$” are standards, but it I, specifically, would like to see everyone get their cha-cha on whilst dancing on a field. Is this his best song? Probably not. Am I being selfish? Most definitely.


If you really “Kknow me,” you know that I grew up with a stutter and EDM is an acquired taste. You’re more than happy to bop around a field and fist bump Jersey Shore style, but you’ll find me eating a corn-dog or rolling in the grass. However, “Kknow me” is a solid EDM song as it encompasses everything I think EDM stands for: a wee bit of narcissism, a rollercoaster of beeps and bops and a deep bass voice repeating the same phrase over and over.

TOVE LO – “Like Em Young”

If you’re not screaming on the inside right now, you’re doing it wrong. Tove Lo is such a move. This Swedish cool girl is the voice behind favorites such as “High” and “Talking Body” that were most definitely played on repeat when you first started to smoke marijuana. While “Cool Girl,” seemed like the obvious choice, Tove Lo is 28 and she is coming to perform for a bunch of college students, thus, she has proclaimed she likes them young. See you at Chucks, Tove Lo?

FETTY WAP (with MONTY) - “My Way”

The one-eyed wonder. The sound of too many semesters. The illustrious Fetty Wap. If you’re still in shock and disbelief and not really sure how you feel about it? You’re not alone. Honestly. Wow. University Union. Without further ado, get all nostalgic with “My Way,”