The Truth Behind The Rumors: Varsity and Faegan's Are Closing

Photo by Erica Mack Varsity and Faegan’s are considered rights of passage for Syracuse University students. Every senior should be able to say they have eaten a slice at Varsity and attended flip night at Faegan’s (unless you're one of those unfortunate souls, like me, who won’t turn 21 before graduation).

After seeing so many of our beloved eateries close on Marshall—Sliders, Yogurtland, Cosmo’s— I didn't think we could handle another blow. So, I was quite relieved when Eric Ockert, Varsity’s nighttime supervisor, assured me that Varsity and Faegan’s are here to stay.

But that doesn't mean something isn't happening.

John Dellas and his cousin, Jerry Dellas, the owners of Varsity and Faegan’s (as well as other commercial spaces along S. Crouse Ave.), have submitted a proposal to demolish the current buildings. They will be replaced by a new ten-story structure containing eight floors of residential space, and two floors of commercial space—Varsity and Faegan’s new home.

The two restaurants will be closed during construction. However, they hope this will be for shortest amount of time possible. Neither owner is looking forward to shutting down business (and neither are the customers), even if it is temporary.

While some updates will be made during construction, Varsity will not lose it’s blue and orange charm. “Everything will remain almost exactly the same,” said Ockert, “at least nothing that customers will notice.” It appears most of the changes will occur in the back, most likely in the kitchen.

Luckily for us, the project is not set to start for at least a couple of years (sorry, future freshmen). So no one who has already developed an addiction will be forced to go without a Varsity wrap or lose a chance at winning a free beer.

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