The Week: What You Missed

Sunday, June 19| Sadly Clarence “Big Man” Clemons, 69, of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band passed away. Remembered for many great moments with Springsteen, Clemons’ last solo was featured in Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”

While many Americans are deleting their Facebooks, the Amish are becoming hooked. Amish youth are using cell phones to access Facebook. Zuckerberg has yet to make Amish a religious option on the site though.

Monday, June 20| Known for many daring stunts, Jackass star Ryan Dunn unfortunately did not survive this one. Dunn, 34, suddenly died in a car crash in the early hours of the morning. While all things come in three’s, let’s hope there is no more sad news for the week.

Deciding to ignore the strange weather conditions around the country, the Supreme Court declared global warming was not their problem. The judges declined a lawsuit against power plants emitting greenhouse gases to the environment.

Tuesday, June 20| Calling all hipsters and sorority girls: Quick! Stock up on American Apparel items at J Michaels before it’s too late! According to 24/7 Wall St., it is one of the ten brands that will disappear this upcoming year.

Al Gore declared his disappointment over Obama’s lack of determination to fight against climate change in a 7,000 word essay in Rolling Stone. Sorry, the issue must have slipped his mind between strategizing to kill the world’s most notorious terrorist and attempting to restore America’s crumbling economy. Patience is a virtue Gore, take a chill pill.

Wednesday, June 22| Obama announced that 33,000 troops will be pulled out of Afghanistan by September 2012, conveniently right before his second term election...

Hate it when all you want to do is recap your drunken night “Hangover” style and all your photos are out of focus? A new company just announced they will be releasing a camera that will focus after you take the shot. Problem solved.

Thursday, June 23| Apple is now offering a completely new, written from scratch verison of Final Cut Pro. If it is anything like the “new” Imovie, it will be more confusing with less features. Note to Newhouse: Do not upgrade this summer.

Justin Bieber appeared on David Letterman to assist in a comedy act about ten unknown facts about himself. All we have to ask is: wasn’t it past his bedtime? Watch it here.