The Best of the Blockbusters


By Shea Garner

From Spielberg to Lucas and espionage to sci-fi, theater audiences crave both the fantastic and the futuristic. Some of the most alluring aspects of the summer-movie scene are the gadgets featured in the flicks themselves.

Doc’s Delorean and C3P0’s golden plates are mere child’s play compared to technology featured in films today. Most of the more inspiring technology is featured in films during the summer, a time when blockbusters are born and Michael Bay is at peace.

Here are a few gadgets from this summer’s hyped-up blockbusters that you may find handy:

“X-Men: First Class” (Out Now)- The gadgets featured in this early-summer release are plentiful. A flamethrower from the chest almost matches Magneto’s metal-manipulating, missile stopping powers — the perfect defense in case someone George Bush-es the button.

“Green Lantern” (Out Now)- The ring providing powers to Ryan Reynolds’ washboard abs in “Green Lantern” is a mixture of science fiction and the supernatural. This ring allows him to create anything he envisions in his mind. Sounds perfect for those nights you forget to bring protection.

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” (Out Now)- Does the technology here really need to be specified? Who wouldn’t want a transforming anything? It’s a fact: girls love when your Beamer can transform into a heroic robot with you at the wheel.

“Captain America: The First Avenger” (July 22nd)- Who knew that technology in the ‘40s was advanced enough to turn a skinny army-reject into the world’s first superhero? The doctors inject little Stevie Rogers with some blue fluid (steroids?) and pop him in some sort of Michael Jackson-esque hyperbaric chamber and out comes Captain America. Fuck the gym.

“Cowboys & Aliens” (July 29th)- This strangely premised film features Daniel Craig with a shackle on his wrist that both shoots a laser-explosive and apparently summons aliens onto his wrongdoers. Now THAT sounds like a gadget that I’d love to have —at the very least it’d be an effective way to clear out a frat party.

What are your favorite movie gadgets? What summer movies are you looking forward to? Let us know below.