The Week: What You Missed

Sunday, September 4| No, Heather Morris is not emulating a battered Rihanna post the infamous Chris Brown smack down. The photo’s featuring the “Glee” actress with a huge black eye are actually for a campaign against domestic violence.

Nickelodeon was a realistic 1990s revival, but $2-a-gallon gas? Come on. Campaigning for the 2012 election, Bachmann is still making promises for $2 a gallon gas and a more environmental, energy efficient America.

Monday, September 5| With little money in the bank, Postal Service branches across the country are considering closing for the winter. I thought “neither rain nor sleet nor snow” could stop them?

A woman in Iowa gave birth to a baby girl in her minivan on the way to the hospital. The birth certificate reads “born on Interstate 80.”

Tuesday, September 6| Skip the elliptical, fitness fanatics, and pick up a joint instead. A study released this week revealed those who smoke weed are less likely to be obese. Less work, more munchies and life is good.

On a more serious note, Gov. Cuomo announced that NY state’s official 9/11 flag will be raised in Albany and at the World Trade Center site marking the ten year anniversary of the tragedy this Sunday.

Wednesday, September 7| As we mentioned earlier, Netflix is cracking down on families that share accounts. Annoying pop-ups limiting instant streaming have become the bane of broke college students’ existence. Those accustomed to freeloading off their parents’ accounts, we feel your pain.

After years of having to always remember to bring flip-flops to the airport, officials released information this week saying that airport screening will change, and our shoes can stay on.

Thursday, September 8| Here is one more reason to love SU: A school in Missouri has started to drug test its entire student body preparing them for a “drug-free workplace.”

Ben & Jerry’s pushes the limit with flavors like Karma Sutra and Half Baked, but this time they have gone too far. The ice cream company released their newest flavor, Schweddy Balls, named after a SNL skit and is made of vanilla ice cream, rum, fudge-covered rum balls, and milk-chocolate malt balls.

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