The Week: What You Missed


Sunday, October 2 | If you missed the craziness of the Bluth family, be sad no longer. Netflix and Showtime will have about ten original episodes of Arrested Development which ended back in 2006.

Stepdaughter of former Gov. David Paterson was charged with assault after clunking her boyfriend’s head with a bottle and frying pan. We think he must have been from New Jersey.

Monday, October 3 | Facebook delays launch of it’s newest feature, Timeline, till Thursday after a lawsuit from, claiming it was too similar to its site. No one is complaining because the last thing we need is another change on the site we dedicate all our free time to.

It is rumored that the NFL is looking to have Madonna perform during the Superbowl halftime show this year. As long as she tones down her act, and her nipples stay inside her clothing, there seems to be no problem. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Tuesday, October 4 | Ladies, next time you are going down on your man, you might want to remember this. A recent study has reported that blow jobs might be the cause of some throat cancers.

If you rely on the Facebook status and pictures from last night to piece together your drunken adventures a new study declared you are more at risk to become an alcoholic. As if we could not figure this out for ourselves...

Wednesday, October 5 | After struggling with cancer for seven years, Steve Jobs died at the age of 56.

Due to a hemorrhage on her vocal chords, Adele has cancelled all of her US tours again. After this cancellation, she is “Rolling in the Deep” with her US fans.

Thursday, October 6 | If the child of Beyonce and Jay-Z did not want to be in the music biz, he or she has no choice. Beyonce released a preview countdown video for her child. The child is still in the womb and already a star.

Toto, a Japanese company released the plans to create a Toilet Bike which is powered by human feces. Don’t worry, there will not be people riding around with their pants down; the company confirmed you can not fuel the bike and ride it at the same time.