These Syracuse Students Are Killin’ The SoundCloud Game

headphones SoundCloud is hailed the Twitter of music, but up until last week, I wasn't using it. I originally thought the website was literally the music of clouds—cricket, cricket—but after making my own account and doing some serious musical research, I’m never looking back.

SoundCloud was founded in Berlin in 2007 and since has expanded to an all encompassing app that serves as a streaming service, a distribution platform, and an online community. For musicians, it's a great way to share and upload original music for fans. For fans, keeping tabs on artists and streaming on continuous play is now easier than ever before.

Artists like Drake and Diplo release new music almost exclusively on SoundCloud. And the best part... SoundCloud is 100 percent free. Similar to many other music streaming sites, you can make playlists and give your friends access to your playlists.

SoundCloud's also great because it gives unknown artists the ability to “make it big" in an increasingly digital world. In this day and age, anyone can make a remix and post it on SoundCloud. From that point on, users can share as much as they want, and may even make their way into a producer's hands. Ah, the powers of the “Interweb.”

Today I’m going to hit you with three must-know accounts to follow so you too can update your music and vibe:

  • First, drop everything you're doing and follow Freshest Music Now. Syracuse University’s own Jonah Rappaport runs the account and updates it daily. The Bandier Sophomore has over 800 followers and continually adds dope new music. It's easily my favorite account on the website. If you’re looking to jam or pregame, simply go to his “Press Play” playlist... and press play.
  • Next you'll want to follow DJ LitSlavin. The Syracuse University junior has just over has over 50 followers… but don’t let the small numbers deter you. His playlists will actually fuck up your day (in the best of ways). If you’re looking for some bangers, this is the account for you. His famed playlists are literally titled: “club bangers,” “trap house bangers,” “chill bangers” and “hard hittin' bangers.”
  • Lastly, go follow LeoIbanez09. The Syracuse University senior will genuinely sooth your soul with his fresh mixes. My man makes his own remixes and house tracks and has some really nice playlists. He constantly updates his SoundCloud with new tracks so his friends and fans can listen in.

Honorable mentions: OctobersVeryOwn, Diplo, Major Lazer, RL Grime and TheJuicyJ.

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