Ticket to Ride: Car Sex Confessions


titanic-hand-620x292 Friday Night Lights At the tender age of 16, I drove to a lookout with a boy after our high school football game. We hopped in the backseat and I proceeded to give him a handjob. Since I had just gotten my license, I didn’t realize that I left my headlights on. My car's battery died during the steamy foreplay and my parents had to come to the rescue.

Rough Rider I ran into my high school crush at a bar back home. He asked me if I wanted to go to our friend’s car—not even his own—where we proceeded to make my wildest dreams come true. Later we realized we were parked on the most popular street in my town. I woke up the next day with a bump on my head and bruises to my body and ego.The sex was worth it.

Trucked After a half day at school, my hookup and I drove to what we thought was a deserted parking lot. Just as things were heating up, a loud metal clinking sound interrupted us. I stuck my head out the door to investigate, only to see a tow truck preparing to take my car for being parked in a permit- only lot, with no pass.Thank God for tinted windows.

Cape Coitus I was doing the dirty in the Impala parked outside of my family's rental house on the Cape. My head ended up hitting the horn mid–fuck. It woke up half the house.

Gown and Dirty Last semester when my date offered to drive me home I was touched by his generosity. I decided road head would make a fitting reward. We got pulled over and he was arrested for driving while drunk. It was the night before his graduation—hopefully he made the ceremony.

This article originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of Jerk.