Tim's Pumpkin Patch

By Karen Hor

Apple picking is for pussies.

It’s that time of year again, folks! Warm apple cider, soft and crispy (yes, it’s possible) apple fritters, pumpkin funnel cakes, and limitless fields of pumpkins still attached to weeds, yearning to be picked. There’s no doubt about it, Tim’s Pumpkin Patch in Marietta, New York is a great place to enjoy Central NY autumn at it’s best, and that’s exactly where I spent my Saturday.

Expect the smell of freshly baked goods upon entering Tim’s Pumpkin Patch. Apple cider donuts, apple and pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, their famous molasses cookies, and pumpkin funnel cakes will hit your nostrils before they find a way to your mouth. And trust me, they'll get there eventually; I literally ate just about everything I listed. One of the best parts was the prices. Pumpkin funnel cakes cost me $4.50, a hot cup of apple cider just $1.50, a hotdog for $2, and four apple fritters at only $2.50.

Besides the affordable scrumptious goods, my weekend excursion upgraded to another level when I saw a 1,000 pound pig at Tim’s Pumpkin Patch barn. Oh yeah, that’s a whole lot of bacon. Regardless of the typical farm animal smell, the oversized pig was extremely cute as it gobbled an equally huge pumpkin for lunch. I fed a charming gray and white-coated goat and its little goat friends. I quacked along with the loud yellow-beaked ducks. I cock-a-doodle-doo’ed with the flamboyant red-wattle roosters. I even made friends with the owners Tim and Erica Leubner's, black lab. I spotted six other dogs that came with visitors; Tim’s Pumpkin Patch is even more dog-friendly than Newhouse III.

After exploring the mini petting zoo, I ascended to the great fields of pumpkin land. The vast fields spanned 70 acres of over 50 varieties of pumpkins and squash. I trekked through the weeds and tall grasses to find the perfect pumpkin, but only encountered half-deformed and almost-perfect spheres of pumpkins. Suddenly, as sunset neared, I witness the most flawless pumpkin stem in my life. The perfect pumpkin, of course, is not complete without a perfect stem. The curvature of this pumpkin’s delicate stem stood out from the rest. And the pumpkin’s convex surface was too irresistible not to carve for Halloween. I picked it. My mission was complete.

My heart was filled with glee as I left Tim’s pumpkin field. On my way out, a nice young lady said, “Hey, there. Are you all set? Four dollars please.” I looked at my arms full of three pumpkins, and looked up back at her and asked, “Four dollars?” “Yes. Small pumpkins run for $1.00 and bigger ones run for $2.00 maximum,” she said. This was by far the most frugal and worthwhile excursion of my life.

If you’re looking to relax for the weekend and treat yourself to something fun and adventurous, come down to Marietta, New York, located just thirty minutes from Syracuse University campus by car. You’re never too old for the Straw Maze and Horse Rides. Children can play in the Grain Bin Play Area or visit the farm animals at the barn. Make sure to visit the Harvest House Bakery & Gift Shop before you leave! For more information visit Tim’s Pumpkin Patch website.

Tim’s Pumpkin Patch M-F 9am to 6pm 2901 Rosehill Road Marietta, NY 13110 | Directions

Photos courtesy of timspumpkinpatch.com. Karen Hor is a regular contributor to Nearby Nooks, updated Wednesdays.