Top 9 Halloween DIY Makeup Looks


It’s that time of year again where every girl morphs into a black cat or bunny. This holiday brings out the basic bitch in everyone from hipsters to goody-goodies. No one is safe from the wrath of an angel and devil duo. I for one have had enough of Halloween becoming battle of the same old basic bitch costumes. If you’re looking for something to help you stand out, then get in on the makeup DIY’s. Costumes can be so unoriginal and ridiculously expensive just to get ripped to pieces or yacked on. Go for a sexy, sophisticated, or scary-as-fuck costume this year with these insane makeup hacks. Take a Beer To The Face

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If you’re the kind of girl who’s into the scary side of Halloween, don’t give that up. Be sexy and scary with this tutorial that leaves you looking like a new version of Two Face. People will be staring all night—just make sure no one’s calling DPS on you. A Hot Mess

Are you the mom of your squad? Embody this role on Halloween (seeing as your friends will most likely be getting shitfaced, and you’ll have to take care of them anyways). You may be holding your friend’s hair back, but at least you’ll look flawless doing it and #winning in the costume department.


If you’re like me, you probably thought you looked like hot shit when you used the comic effect filter on Photo Booth circa 2009—truth is, you probably did. Become a two-dimensional pop-art princess with this tutorial. If you’re into painting and shading, this look is definitely for you. Cruella de Vil

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This is the spookiest Cruella de Vil tutorial we’ve seen. Grab a wig, some fur, and the attitude of a London heiress. If you’ve ever been afraid to try the bold look of red lipstick, take this night as your opportunity to glam it up with some fiery hot lips (but please, leave the puppies alone).

The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the best parts of Halloween is when you get to watch your favorite festive movies from when you were 12 without being judged. How about you take it a step further, and become them. Transform into Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with this wild makeup tutorial. Artistic Lips

Not into the dramatic makeup looks that result in pimples the next morning? Go simpler with this intricate lip art (who knew that was a thing?). Let your lips steal the show…just try not to make out with anyone.

Lazy Costume

You’ve got to have a keen eye for colour and some time on your hands for this pixilated look, but if you can pull it off, it’s totally worth it. The best part about this look is that you can wear anything you want with it and still look like you dressed up. Leggings and UGGs here I come. Pirate

Ahoy, me Hearties! Blow the crowd away with the hottest pirate they’ve ever seen. No need for a feathery hat or a hook arm when you’re got this makeup look down. As long as you’ve got the headband or bandana and maybe some cute rings, you can wear whatever you want and shake your pirate booty all night long.

Snapchat Filter

If you’re not ready to break from the basic Halloween mold, but still don’t feel like going out as a sexy cop, try a going as a Snapchat filter. Any basic bitch knows that this is the key to looking adorably put-together, no matter how hung-over you are. I would trade my face for the dog filter any day.


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