The Ultimate Sex Playlist


Sex is fucking great, but you know what else is? Music! So what’s the best combination you may ask? Sexual intercourse with music playing ever so gently in the background. We guarantee this ultimate sex playlist will make you feel like you’re in that hot steamy sex scene from your favorite movie, even if your partner can’t last past the first track.

Motivation By: Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne

This song makes the cut because it does exactly what its title says...motivates. Sometimes your partner needs a little extra push when it comes to performing. This song’s sexy R&B feel will set the mood and give you the confidence to take control in the bedroom, motivate his ass girl, because we already know that you are.

Touch Myself By: Divinyls

Wanna feel like you’re pursuing your love interest in a 90s movie? Well this hit will do the trick. This one honestly makes the cut solely because its chorus talks about touching yourself and that’s pretty rad. Self-love is the best love, don’t forget it!

You Make It Real By: James Morrison

Sometimes the best songs to do the dirty to are sweet and sincere and that’s why this one makes our playlist. Let your partner know how you feel by expressing yourself through the pleasure and sounds of love ballads. If that is your objective, this song will reach it.

Pony By: Ginuwine

Let’s be real, this jam reminds us of all of one thing...Magic Mike. Give your partner a blunt hint that you’re ready for the nasty. Jump on it, figuratively or quite literally, whichever it may be… we support your decision!

Feel Like Making Love By: Bad Company

Your parents probably have fucked to this song. They might have even been conceived to this song, considering it was released in the year 1975. Regardless, it’s a great song to make love to, as per the lyrics.

Let’s Get It On By: Marvin Gaye

Last, but certainly not least...this song makes the cut simply because it’s a classic. If you haven’t had sex to this song yet, the day is coming (literally). It’s okay to be basic sometimes, especially if it entails a Marvin Gaye song.