A Dummy's Guide to Unconventional Romance



Everyone loves a good 'ol fashioned romantic gesture – surprise visits, spontaneous love notes, flowers just because they love you – but there are the little things your significant other does to show you they care that make you ~swoon~ more than you do when they give you chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Out of the ordinary surprises can be the most meaningful moments in a relationship. Here are some things that will guarantee a happily ever after.

Ordering Your Food

Whether you’ve been craving Insomnia all week or you have a long night of studying, you’ve probably complained to your SO about your ever-present, aching hunger. In an act of true heroism, your partner orders your favorite calzone from Calios and an assorted box of warm cookies. Now if that’s not enough to make your heart melt faster than hot cheese, we don't know what is.

Sharing Their Netflix Password

There’s no greater act of love than someone giving you their Netflix password. If they’re willing to spend those $9 a month and share it with you, they must geniunely care about your entertainment needs – a lot. Not only can you Netflix and chill together watching your favorite shows, but you can also snuggle into bed all alone and marathon Stranger Things. Get yourself an SO that sponsors your binge-watching habit.

Doing Your Laundry

If your SO offers to throw in some of your laundry with their own, you know it’s a forever kind of love. Never let them go. Not only are they saving you money on detergent and dryer sheets, but they’re also saving you the time it would take to roll out of bed and do it yourself. Maybe it’s because they’re into saving water (which begs the question: can we apply that to the showering situation?), but most likely it’s because they’re into you.

Picking Your Nail Polish Color

Hear us out on this one. Personal days are a must, but you can’t be expected to pick your own nail color. Cue the perfect bonding moment for you and your SO. They may not join you in the salon chair and for a mani-pedi, but every time you interlock hands, they’ll look at your freshly glossed nails and know they chose that color just for you.

Sharing Letting You Steal Clothes

Your SO giving you their favorite sweatshirt is more than just a polite gesture when it’s cold. If they’re offering up their go-to hoodie, it’s true love. That sweatshirt means the world to them, so giving it to you is definitely a sacrifice, but it’s an act of love they’re willing to make for your comfort.