Vinyl: The Comeback Kid


Friday1 In the age of MP3s and streaming services like iTunes and the far superior Spotify (seriously, if you don’t have it, get it), where you can lay in your bed, press play, and veg out, other methods of listening might seem obsolete. But, if you’re a music junkie like myself, this is a beautiful time for us, because guess what? Vinyl is making a comeback. You know, vinyl, those big round records that our parents used to listen to? Yeah those things — they’re not extinct, believe it or not, and vinyl is one of the best ways to listen to music if you are really into the quality of sound and overall listening experience.

This is a big time vinyl records. Sales hit a record high last year, nearly 6 million units in the U.S. and this number’s continuing to grow. Jack White, famous for his gothic, blues rock and his obsession with vinyl, released his second solo album Lazaretto which was dubbed the “best-selling vinyl LP since 1994." Take that Pearl Jam! And for you trendy kids out there, Urban Outfitters has a plentiful harvest of glistening new record players and records. So if you’re in the market, that’s a solid starting point. As soon as my broke ass can afford one, you can bet I’ll be indulging.

And, hey! If you’re a poser (you know who you are), and want to get involved, stocking up on vinyl records will really compliment your “I’m a hippie, I swear, just look at my $100 Free People floppy hat” mantra. Just slap a Vampire Weekend Contra LP on your wall and people will really start to believe that you’re actually hip. I mean you don’t actually have to listen to it for people to think you’re cool, right?

I digress — if you actually are into the vinyl movement and will actually listen to the records you purchase, The Sound Garden in Armory Square is a great place for all your music needs. Happy listening, friends!

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