Wait, Why Does My Shaved Vag Look Kind of Gross?


vaginadesign1 Waxing is all fun and games until scorching hot wax is being ripped off of your butthole.

We’ve all seen images of those supermodels daring to bare it all. Their long limbs contorted in abnormal but admirable positions, and their skin silky smooth. Maybe you’ve never seen a supermodel’s actual vagina, whether in person or in photograph, but a single hand gently placed over her parts in an ad leaves very little to the imagination. The only problem is, that perfectly smooth, hairless vagina does not exist (unless you’re a newborn).

Let’s get real:

While shaving is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to rid of hair, it’s difficult to successfully achieve a full shave of your bikini area in a small cramped shower stall of your residence hall or narrow off-campus apartment bathroom. No matter how many precautions you take prior to shaving, like using a new razor, properly lubricating the area, or exfoliating like no tomorrow, chances are you’ll still get at least a few red itchy bumps and stubble.

With a sensitive area on your body being irritated by a razor, it is almost impossible to not get razor bumps. There will always be hairs that you missed. There will always be a tormenting itchiness. There will always be a five o’clock shadow.

In all honesty, vaginas are kind of gross to begin with though. Georgia O’Keefe showed us, through art, how beautiful female anatomy can be, but nonetheless, vaginas are kind of gross. They look weird, smell weird, might even taste weird. So by holding your vagina to a silky smooth standard that is near impossible to achieve, you’re holding your whole femininity to a standard that is unobtainable. It is important to embrace what you’ve got and what makes you different. And as much as you admire Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadid and put them on a pedestal, their vaginas are kind of gross, too.

Whether you decide to shave, wax, laser your pubic hair off, or do nothing at all, there should never be a reason to be insecure about it when you’re getting down and dirty in the sheets because your partner is just glad to be seeing your vagina at all.

Ultimately, what I find is that waxing is the best form of hair removal, as the hair takes longer to grow back and it is less irritating to the skin. The hair is ripped from the root instead of grazed. However, waxing really hurts (I almost kicked my esthetician in the face once). If you prefer shaving then it is important to use a new razor and exfoliate with a loofah before and after shaving to prevent ingrown hairs (which prevent infections). Aloe vera gel is a really good way to relieve itching. I like using coconut oil to moisturize the area, which also relieves some of that pesky itchiness. Every person’s vagina is different. So it is important to explore different methods and tricks to find what works best for you.


So flaunt your mildly irritated vagina and embrace the bumpiest ride of your life.