We Need More People Like Trevor Noah

Photo from ComedyHype.com

Last weekend, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah graced the dull tundra that is Syracuse, New York with his hysterical presence. All political and racial jokes aside, Noah delivered a slew of uplifting messages that, in times of immense turmoil (AKA, now), people desperately need to hear. Jerk walked out of the Landmark Theater feeling quite passionate that we need more people like Trevor Noah in this world. Here’s why, as told by his best lines:

“Shake it up with Jesus and throw it back”

These are the words his mother bestowed on him the first time he was subject to racism. Noah explained how this advice later resonated with him when a white male in a pick-up truck shouted the “n” word at him while he crossed the street. In response, Noah smiled a genuine smile and shouted, “You’re my nigga!” Confused and appalled, the driver nearly crashed.

While religion is not prominent in every family, there needs to be more of an emphasis on responding to hate with love. Not only does it end the wave of prejudice and judgment, it will almost always throw off the attacker. Love prevails. Preach, Trevor Noah.

“Trump’s presidency is like a meteor coming at Earth, shaped like a penis”

We’re undeniably screwed, but at least we’re laughing. With political tension so high and whatnot, it’s hard to lighten up. While we fully endorse standing behind what you believe, sometimes you just need to sit back and laugh. Give attention to life’s simple pleasures – like Trevor Noah – and let yourself be amused.

“Napkins are not diapers. They are not interchangeable”

Imagine being new to America. During your first taco experience, the man in the food truck offers you a “diaper” for the “mess afterwards.” What kind of commitment is the consumption of a taco? This horrifying digestive anxiety was the result of a language barrier in which “napkin,” in Noah’s native country of South Africa, is the term for diaper.

This joke stood out to us because Syracuse University is home to thousands of international students who are not only trying to find their place on campus, but in American culture, too. As a generation and SU as students, it’s cool to try to understand and connect to the varying cultures that surround us. Who knows? You might learn something new, or, like, meet the next Trevor Noah.