4 Weed Infused Beauty Products in Honor of 4/20


What better way to celebrate 4/20, Jerk’s favorite holiday, than by treating yourself to some CBD-infused beauty goodies? CBD and hemp oil are having a major moment in the beauty world, especially with the release of Milk Makeup’s newest product, KUSH High Volume Mascara, formulated with cannabis oil.   

Milk is not the first brand to use CBD in their products, but it is one of the first mainstream cannabis-infused beauty launches, to be stocked on the shelves of beauty giant Sephora no less. Below, we’ve gathered some of the buzziest CBD products in beauty for you to try; no rolling skills required.  

Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara 

As mentioned above, Milk Makeup’s new, vegan mascara is infused with CBD-laden cannabis oil to condition lashes and prevent flakes. The mascara has volumizing fibers, which may scare you if you’ve ever tried a fiberized mascara before, only to blink and have a thousand tiny pieces of black fluff cloud your eyes. However, the CBD oil in this mascara is supposed to bind those fluffy little fibers together, so you’re nourishing lashes with oil and giving them major drama in one swoop. The mascara launches on 4/20, because of course it does. 

The Body Shop Hemp Heavy-Duty Body Moisture Protector 

The Body Shop is ahead of the curve in the weed beauty game; the brand has been incorporating hemp seed oil, which is different from CBD and THC but still comes from marijuana, into their products since the ‘90s. The line is made specifically for super dry skin, perfect for those of us braving the harsh temps of Cuse’s never-ending winter. This solid cream is packed with ultra-nourishing hemp seed oil and essential fatty acids to make skin baby soft. 

Kush Queen Bath Bombs 

Leave it to the inventors of the “Canni Cure”, a deluxe CBD-rich manicure and pedicure service, to give us the CBD bath bomb. Kush Queen has five varieties of bath bomb, each with a different color and combination of essential oils to produce different effects. There’s the giant lavender orb, the Sleep bomb, with has a relaxing lavender scent; Love, an orange bomb with a warm, woodsy fragrance; Awaken, pink and bursting with peppermint, and more to relieve stress, loosen limbs and make bath time all the more luxurious. Just imagine smoking a blunt in a bath with one of these babies. 

Felix & Ambrosia Sunnydaze CBD Sun Cream 

I don’t know about you, but I hate applying sunscreen. It smells funny, it leaves a bright white cast on my off-white skin, and I’ve never once remembered to reapply. This lotion might change things. Felix & Ambrosia’s sunscreen contains hydrating CBD oil, and glitter! Glitter! Glitter made from plant cellulose, so it’s biodegradable and won’t hurt the oceans in which you submerge your sparkly self. You’re basically a weed mermaid – take that Disney.  

Just so we’re clear, none of these products will get you high; it’s THC that has psychoactive effects. These products share marijuana’s tamer, muscle-soothing and skin-softening components, CBD and hemp. So if getting stoned isn’t really your jam (or if it really, really is), there are plenty of alternative ways to pamper yourself with Jerk’s favorite plant.