What You Need To Know for Rock The Dome


Courtesy of University Union What do a group of aesthetically pleasing Brits, an alt-pop duo, and a slaying female hip-hop artist have in common? They'll all be gracing Cuse with their presence at Rock The Dome on November 4th.

Prepare yourself for a stunningly dazzling performance by all of these great talents by reading up on and pre-gaming with some of our favs:

The 1975

If you don’t know who this band is yet, don’t bother showing your face at Rock the Dome. The 1975 consists of front man Matty Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel and they delve deep into their existential crises through their unique style of synth, layered vocals, and of course Matty’s strangely opulent and swoon-worthy voice.


She’s American

Loving Someone

Oh Wonder

The world owes Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West for coming together to form the birth of the band known as Oh Wonder. Their synth-pop style is easy on the ears but very satisfying for a chill jam sesh.

Lose It Drive

Without You

070 Shake

While there’s virtually nothing about 070 Shake on the Internet, you can tell by the vids on her website that she is a fun-loving, chill soul. Here are our top three favs:

Trust Nobody


Make It There

Listen to these tunes and memorize their lyrics as you amp up for the Cuse concert of the year.

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