What Your Drunk Food Says About You


4_14_Real_Talk Drunk food is an essential part of college life — it just wouldn’t be college if students didn’t decide to get munchies between the hours of 2 and 3 a.m. We all have our favorite places along Marshall to hit for drunk food, and believe it or not, where you go says a lot about you.

1. Jimmy John’s If you decide to hit up Jimmy John’s after a night out then you’re just an average Syracuse student, and you probably had an average night. You went out, had a good time with your friends, maybe met some new ones, and just need something in your stomach before bed. Jimmy John’s is the perfect late night snack ­– cheap, quick, and not too filling. Late night JJ's is always a good time and you’re bound to run into some homies while there.

2. Calios When you step into Calios after a night at the bars, you’re essentially throwing up the white flag. You’re giving up on your night. You’ve accepted that your night will end soon, most likely with a smoke session and probably without a booty call. There’s nothing wrong with this, though — sometimes all you need at the end of the night is a joint and a chicken bacon ranch calzone.

3. Sliders Going to Slider’s after a night out is tricky. It’s definitely the most expensive and obnoxious option — who wants to spend all that money on overrated sliders or burgers after already spending an absurd amount of money on jaeger bombs at the bar? Plus, there's always a long line. It just doesn’t make any sense. If you’re drunk enough to be in Slider’s, you will probably be in mass amounts of pain and discomfort in a few short hours.

4. Pita Pit You’ve given up on people if you’re in Pita Pit after a night at the bars. This isn’t to say you’re an anti-social person or anything, but you would just rather not deal with your drunken classmates. Late night Pita Pit is always a tasty option and you don’t have to worry about running into some douchebag trying to fight you or some stupidly drunk girl who won’t stop talking obnoxiously loud on her cell phone.

5. Acropolis If you find yourself here after a night out, you might be making some poor life decisions. There is really just never a case when Acropolis should be your first choice for a food place after going out. Besides all of the reports of sketchy late-night behavior taking place at Acropolis, it should be noted that the pizza just isn’t that good. I know drunk pizza is a classic example of drunk food, but the pizza at Acropolis just isn’t worth it.

6. Domino’s Although it’s not on Marshall Street, Domino’s definitely needs to be thrown into the mix. Domino’s is definitely the most genius option out of all the ones listed. Choosing to walk past all the other places and going home to order Domino’s is the definition of power move. I have the utmost respect for anyone who chooses to take this route for drunk food.

Art by Shawna Rabbas