When Did Hulu Become the Most Relevant Streaming Service?



HBO is great for Game of Thrones, Netflix is good ‘old Mr. Reliable, and Amazon.com is, well, free with our beloved Prime accounts. And, until recently, there was Hulu, sitting sadly alone at the end of the streaming dinner table. In fact, if it weren’t for the Seinfeld collection, it probably wouldn't have a seat with the others at all.

Hulu has long been known as the "other" streaming service people ignore for Netflix. Neither is included with cable or shopping subscriptions, and having two independent streaming services seems a bit excessive. Like, if you have both, you’re probably the kid with a shit personality that we still begged our parents to set up playdates with because you have a cool basement.

Except things are changing in the streaming terrain. It appears Hulu has experienced a major glow-up in a matter of weeks, so let’s recap its rise to relevancy.

In its first power move, Hulu hooked up with Spotify to offer bundle subscriptions at the modest $5/month student price (that many of us still make our parents pay for)—a deal very few people seem to know about. Do you need us to repeat that? PSA: Creating a Hulu account is FREE if you already have a Spotify student plan, which you probably do. You’re welcome.

Then Hulu just went ahead and made Emmy history like it’s NBFD by becoming the first digital platform to win a top series award with its dystopian saga The Handmaid's Tale— you know, the one with all the cloaked women wearing hoods that look like halves of E-Collars. Recognition at TV's highest honors was a breakout moment for Hulu, which had failed to win the critical acclaim and buzz generated by Netflix and Amazon.com when streaming services initially uprooted traditional Hollywood.

Now let’s chat about content. Because the world is terrible, One Tree Hill, Prison Break, recent seasons of American Horror Story, and Friday Night Lights are all leaving Netflix in October.

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of people everywhere cancelling their ‘flix subscriptions. The departure of cult series gives Hulu the perfect chance to fully embrace the streaming spotlight. Aside from access to its original content, users can watch This Is Us, Full House, Broad City, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty—every stoner’s new favorite show—and so much more on Hulu.

Though this wasn’t sponsored by Hulu (not that we wouldn't sellout for a no commercial subscription), we recommend embracing its inevitable rise to entertainment royalty. We have a limited amount of hours each day to spend on destroying our eyesight and social skills with TV, so make good streaming choices kids.

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