Why Chokers Are Undeniably Sexy


unspecified-1 What do Cara Delevingne and a pubescent girl from the 90s have in common? They both sport the ever-present fashion trend that is the choker. With the new BDSM culture that Fifty Shades of Gray revamped, chokers came back into the scene as a reference to the act of wearing a collar during sex. Sorority girls and Jewish American Princesses alike have taken to the streets of ‘Cuse donning these sex collars of sorts. Skeptical of the trends, I did some digging to get the scoop.



A lot of women feel hotter and sexier while sporting the fashion trend—they like the confidence it gives them. Chokers give that simultaneous “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” vibe. They especially enhance your neck, which is a huge draw in catching your sexual prey. Other girls like wearing chokers because they’re a simple statement in enhancing their femininity, and aren’t quite as dangly and cumbersome as longer necklaces. We’ve all fallen prey to long ass necklaces falling into the abyss of our cleavages, never to be found again.

I think it’s only apt to use JWoww’s quote from the intro of Jersey Shore, “I’m like a praying mantis, after I have sex with a guy, I will rip their heads off” to encapsulate the choker vibes. There’s just something about chokers that say, “I’m a sexual goddess, and I will eat you alive.”



Hearing the girls’ side, I took to the guys to get their thoughts on the whole choker thing. For starters, 70% of them thought I was talking about people that choke during sex. “Sex chokers or everyday chokers?” and “Funny you should ask, I had that happen to me recently…” were just two responses. Clearly, there’s something about the fashion statement that makes them synonymous with sex.

One guy said, “It reminds me of something that girls would wear in middle school, and I’m not into girls in middle school.” Most of the guys I asked though actually seemed to be into the schoolgirl vibes it gave. An overwhelming consensus was that there’s something about them that make a girl seem a little “naughtier.” “I don’t know if it’s that whole schoolgirl thing, but there’s just something hot about them,” one replied. “I feel like a girl’s just super into kinky stuff when I see her wearing one,” one informant answered. The word “hot” was used a lot to detail their feelings. A choker is not cute or pretty—it’s hot.



Ladies, if you want to get laid on your night out, you should probably hop on this trend, but make sure you use a safety word. Guys seem to have their own set of fantasies surrounding it, and either way, you get to own your femininity. Next time you’re getting ready to go the bars, throw on a choker and own it queen.