Will X Mark the Spot for Chris Brown?


Chris Brown X I don’t know about you, but Chris Brown’s new album that dropped yesterday was one of my most anticipated albums this year. I can’t even begin to explain how long people have waited for this album; it feels like years. Scratch that — we’ve waited over two years for this album, since his last LP, Fortune, dropped in summer 2012. X has had so many pushbacks that, fans began to question if it was ever going to be released. But finally, the day has come where we can finally listen to his album from start to finish and see if it was truly worth the wait. But the question is will X be well received by fans and critics alike? And the bigger question is, will it be that pivotal “classic” album that every artist yearns for?

At the prime age of 25, I feel that Chris Brown should be considered one of the greatest in the R&B/pop music field, granted he’s performed for almost 10 years consistently ­— give or take this recent hiccups. His image is still smeared to this day, thanks to the numerous legal and personal issues he’s faced. Although he served a jail stint earlier this year, his legal issues still range from a domestic violence incident, a brawl that destroyed a nightclub, a parking lot quarrel, an assault charge, getting kicked out of rehab, and numerous probation violations. If the average citizen had a rap sheet like this, they’d be locked the FUCK up. All of these setbacks for Brown were ultimately digging him into a deeper and deeper hole.

Would you believe me if I told you Brown has released six singles from the album so far before it’s even been released. This is almost unheard of for artists nowadays because the “formula” usually goes a little something like this: Release a single → announce your album → release another single → release your album → release your last single → go on tour. I’m pretty sure Brown and his label, RCA, decided to deviate from the tried and tested formula due to his multiple setbacks (to put it lightly). They basically wanted fans to know that he’s still making music and that the album’s coming eventually — despite how he’s locked up in a jail cell, no worries!

With “Fine China,” “Don’t Think They Know,” and “Love More” charting in 2013 with lukewarm/positive reception, things weren’t looking great for X. But with the explosion of his more recent singles “Loyal” and “New Flame,” this year things are looking bright for the LP. Who would’ve thought the time would finally come when we would finally listen to X? Well apparently, the time is now and personally, I’m excited for the direction Brown is taking with the album sonically. While many people miss the"‘R&B Brown," some love the new "EDM Brown.’"

Whether you’ve loved or hated his past few albums, Brown is one of my favorite artists period. No matter what, he’s just too talented of a guy to disappoint with this album. I wholeheartedly believe that X will mark the spot.

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