10 Artists Poised to Break Out in 2015


ymzi0LJGW46D74vYuhozdPFdksymTlhFX4qUvFrenRI Be honest — how many of your favorite artists had No. 1 hits on the charts last year for months? Survey says: little to none. In 2014, a new wave of young artists dominated the mainstream charts from Iggy Azalea to Meghan Trainor to Charli XCX to Sam Smith, and the list goes on. If you thought last year was a big one for new artists, here are a few names you’ll definitely be hearing a lot of this year.

1. Ryn Weaver This young singer/songwriter/producer doesn’t have an extensive catalogue of music, but what she lacks in quantity she damn well makes up for in quality. With heavy hit makers like Benny Blanco and Charli XCX singing her praises, it’s hard to ignore the bubbling pop star. Her vulnerable songwriting skills and unique voice are the main reasons why people fell in love with her song "OctaHate."


2. Tink When you have a super producer like Timbaland singing your praises to the world, you have no choice but to live up to the hype, and Tink exceeds all expectations. The Chicago-born songstress is as talented of a singer as she is a rapper. Timbaland has compared her abilities to the likes of Drake (and you know how his career turned out), so you better get on the bandwagon ASAP.


3. Rixton I’m pretty sure you’ve heard their hit single "Me and My Broken Heart" last summer, but they are a personal favorite of mine. Before you write them off as another British boy band (which I’m guilty of doing) I strongly encourage you to listen to more of their music because these guys are talented. Their debut album comes out in March, but until then check out their epic cover of Route 94’s "My Love."


4. Niykee Heaton This South African bombshell is way more talented than people give her credit for. Discovered on YouTube for covering a Chief Keef (YES, CHIEF KEEF) song and putting an acoustic guitar-laden spin on it, her excellent debut EP Bad Intentions was released last year, which I still listen to today. Her debut album is dropping this year and her fan base is anxiously awaiting it. Side note: to all you horny male readers, go follow her on Instagram — you’re welcome.


5. Kehlani This tatted up Bay area songbird definitely has her own unique sound and her budding fan base loves her for it. Her sound is more similar to that of the 90s/early 2000s, but her edgy EP Cloud 19 shows just how easy it is for her to churn out a hit song. This singer/songwriter/dancer does it all and she’s ready to take over this year.


6. Raury The self-proclaimed "Indigo Child" has been on my radar since last year, and since then he’s signed to a label and been performing live shows all over the country. His genre-defying music makes him an instant standout and also a refreshing sound to his huge fan base. With comparisons to trailblazers like Andre 3000, look for Raury to do big things this year.


7. Travi$ Scott I’m not sure if too many people are aware of this, but Scott performed here at 'Cuse back in 2013. And after seeing his amazing live show, I’ve been a fan ever since. He is finally ready to step out from behind the shadow of his legendary support group, T.I. and Kanye West. If his mixtape, Days Before Rodeo, is any indication, Scott is only getting better.


8. Ella Henderson This 19 year old British singer/songwriter has gone from X Factor to having a major hit on her hands last year with "Ghost" — she’s even drawn comparisons to Adele. Although her debut album Chapter One released back in October, expect to hear her name a lot this year here in the States.


9. Jess Glynne You may not know her face or name, but you definitely know her voice. Collaborating with Clean Bandit for the international hit "Rather Be" and Route 94 for "My Love," Glynne is ready to stand out on her own with her debut album dropping later this year.


10. Misterwives Misterwives were the most underrated act at Juice Jam '14, in my opinion. “Reflections” was a huge hit for them, and their EP didn’t disappoint. With their newest single already generating a huge buzz, they’re ready to let loose an excellent debut album on the masses this year.


Art by Shawna Rabbas


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