10 Reasons to Get Pumped for Earthfest


earth_full You may have seen the word “EARTHFEST” around Syracuse lately, whether chalked on the quad, printed on a flier, or in a promo video blast precisely timed at 4:20 p.m. a few weeks ago. Earthfest is a sustainable music and art festival presented by Students of Sustainability (SOS), the Syracuse chapter of NYPIRG, and the SU Sustainability Division to celebrate Earth Day. It will take place Sunday, April 19 in the Thornden Park Amphitheater from 12 to 6 p.m. Jerk spoke with Colton "CJ" Jones, co-president of SOS, and Dana Wakeley, the group’s newly appointed marketing director, and found more than a few reasons to get excited for SU’s newest fest.

1. It’s free and open to everyone. The event is meant to bridge the gap between the university and community — it’s open to SU students and staff, but also to the Syracuse community, and entry is free.

2. Good music. Not pleased with the Mayfest and Block Party line-ups? Here's a chance to hear some tunes that might be more your scene. Earthfest will feature performances by both student and local bands and DJs, including White Cliffs, Rip City Rick, Smasha, Caverns, The New Daze, Woodworks, Milan & Tevin, and Funk Ya.

3. You can get artsy. The event will feature various art installations, including one from the Red Cup Project, a movement that collects the red solo cups left in the area surrounding Euclid avenue. The cups make for powerful displays while simultaneously making college students feel shitty about how badly they suck at recycling. There will also be interactive art displays, including one where you can make a necklace out of seeds that, once they germinate, can be planted into the soil.

4. Food trucks. Who doesn't love food trucks? Earthfest will feature Avocadough, Lady Bug Lunch Box, and Toss 'n' Fire pizza, among other local vendors. Graduating seniors, this could be your last chance to enjoy some of Syracuse's finest selections.

5. Yoga and meditation. There will be relaxation-based activities like these, which might be pretty helpful with finals quickly approaching. Expect some other community-building activities, as well.

6. It’s sustainable. Here's a chance to feel good about doing slightly less harm to the planet than you normally do, since the majority of the festival will be sustainable, from the paints for the art installations to the means of waste. There will be signs to help guide people through recycling and composting.

7. The money goes to a good cause. While attending the event is free, donations will be accepted and given to Syracuse Grows, a local non-profit that creates community gardens, since Syracuse is a food desert and most people don’t have access to fresh produce. On April 18, Syracuse Grows is having its own resource drive that you can help out with, too.

8. It’s a small step toward a big change. Let's be honest — not everyone will respond to phrases like climate change. Wakeley says the organizers of Earthfest come from an angle of celebration and aim to establish an initial love of nature that can hopefully lead to real change. Many members of SOS were behind the years-long movement that encouraged SU to divest from fossil fuel investments, so we can trust their thinking on this one.

9. It’s a chance to come together. The one-day event celebrates life, community, and earth. As CJ says, we all share one thing — that we live on planet earth. It’s what we all have in common, so let's #celebrate.

10. It’s going to be fucking beautiful outside. Need I say more? This is an actual thing to do during the day, other than spending yet another Sunday sitting on your porch drinking warm beer... as much fun as that is.

Check out the promo video, below, and start planning your festival outfit immediately.


Photo courtesy of SOS