100 Days of Trump Nightmares


Design by Jena Salvatore As we end our 100 Days of The Donald’s Pre-Presidency, a “ridiculous standard” to measure a presidency according to the man, himself, we reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly that occurred in this transitional period. We started off on earthquake-like shaky ground, but Trump’s moves have become much more calibrated in the second half of his 100 days. He has slowed his roll, no longer signing off on multiple executive orders each week. Yet the media is still abuzz with mumblings of “Russia” and half-assed tax reform.

The timeframe marks a comparison to other presidents, and Trump has surely made efforts to win over his predecessors, in number of executive orders signed, number of bills signed into law (28), and lowest approval ratings. He has certainly taken a quantity over quality approach, but as Trump well knows, it’s all about the bottom line.

Here are some more of the highs and lows of America’s last few one hundred days. Sorry, did that sound apocalyptic?


Women in cities around the world marched to protest Trump’s sexist rhetoric and fight for gender equality and women’s rights.

Syracuse University student leaders spoke out against rising Islamophobic and xenophobic policies from the Trump administration.

Trump appointed and confirmed a Supreme Court Justice who seemed stable on his views towards judicial rulings and precedents.

The vote against Trump’s vague Obamacare replacement signaled a bipartisan rejection of his healthcare bill.

Trump called out anti-Semitists who were committing a vast number of crimes shortly after his Inauguration. (Let’s not forget about the “alt-right” support of D. Trump.)

And the Islamophobic bans from Trump are consistently put down, though rises of deportations and arrests are still prevalent.


The election of Trump to the presidency and America’s failure to other nations as a leading world power? Nah, we playin.

But Climate Change is in the shit hole.

Russia is susc as hell.

And let’s not forget that our Secretary of Education, head of the EPA, and several other Trump-appointed leaders are flooding the swamp on Capitol Hill.

While Trump’s campaign promises haven’t exactly panned out, it’s critical that Americans pay attention to his movements beyond the 100 days. The election of Donald Trump ignited the #wokeness of most of the country. Unsettled critics’ voices have been heard. 100 days is a long shot from four years. But hey, the wall’s still not up yet.